Is it true Yorubas don’t have varieties of soup that can spice up your Christmas holiday?


It is festive period again, a time for making different delicacies, it is a time to be happy, rejoice and be glad for all we have been through and the coming great future. Today let decode if it is true the Yorubas don’t have a soup that an spice up your festive celebration.

I have heard many times, Yorubas don’t have soup, and it sounds real but insulting to me. Does it mean that the Yoruba linage lived long and ripe with only Ewedu and Efo? I thought deeply and I decided to settle the score with my mum. My mum has this to say;

Yoruba have soups; we only have a generation of older people that decided to drop the old style, fashion and culture when they were migrating to Lagos and other places of the world. They decided that the things they had earlier learned were local, primitive and poor. Today, we are struggling with a loss of identity as the Oduduwa race.

Another lesson, never expect your wife to know all this things I am about to show you. In fact assume she will know nothing. You have to learn to prepare them yourself. Make them for her to try, if she likes it teach her to make it. When a man becomes the teacher of a woman in the kitchen her sex hormones is arouse without a touch. Kitchen is where her guards are down and she is herself, she is no fake. If she is frustrate or happy, you will know at the taste of the food. My son listen, if you know how to open the kitchen door with love then the door of romance in the other room will never be shut.

She concluded saying, the Yoruba patriarch were warriors and herbalists who moved from place to place seeking refuge and comfort, this means that they made herbs. They ate every leave that is medicinal as vegetable; they made veggies from cocoyam and pawpaw leave, who will do that now?. She spoke about Yanrin, she said the ancient men made the local Yanrin vegetable to protect their children and family from witchcraft and charm. She stress men because the men decide which soup to make, they bring the vegetable home for the woman to prepare. She mentioned a few of the vegetables that her mother made on the farm; Yanrin, Marugbo, Isapatoromoyan, Gbegiri, Gbogbododo, Orunla, Efo Abalaye, Sokoyokoto and many more. She mentioned other foods like Ekuru, Esuru, Lamuluke, Eko, Ifokore, etecera. Which millennial girl knows how to cook the first three of those Vegetables?

Yoruba people have one of the deepest and richest cultures in Nigeria. We have fought other tribes as we moved from place to place. We have fought ourselves. We have lost and also have been victorious. I am Omoluabi, I am proud of my heritage, I embrace my source, and I reject barbaric culture but kiss every love embedded culture of my race. I am Omoluabi.




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A black man reading on a smart portable tablet

In Africa, when you attain a certain age the world begin to put pressure on you and remind you of getting married. Marriage is not the key to happiness and been single is not a curse. Nothing is wrong with you as a single man or lady? Please why do you need someone to complete you?

The first 25 years of my life was in the single zone. It was the most interesting and adventurous time of my life. A time I spent in developing and growing mhyself which has not stopped. They were the time I found MYSELF. I enjoyed God’s love and also gave love to myself. When you take yourself to the ice-cream parlour you do not need to take a selfie to show it. When you went to do some swimming you do not need to think will I like it. When you are doing your early morning jogging while articulating goals and also speaking in the unknown. You love yourself unstopped. None stop and without hurt. This is the time of no friction and this allow you give better love to others and God. There was no depression. I enjoyed all around me. I said what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Just close to my twenty-fifth birthday, I started allowing the feelings of the heart speak to me. It was overwhelming and really made me vulnerable.  I was playing a romantic movie scene on TV which was awesomely amazing. My heart was given away totally. I was sold out. I was in my heart rejoicing to the altar. Suddenly, there was sharp turn and each vehicle drove farther and farther from each other. I have drawn my first and probably last lesson of love from this event.

I confess that the process of healing was not easy. Your healing starts when you forgive. It required lot of energy and emotion readjustment or engineering. It was also in this time I was going through health challenges, It became really revealing when you are left alone to navigate through the storms but you were there when they needed a hand. I learned very serious lessons of life. I have forgiven the person but I will never forget the lesson learned. It is no wonder the Book of books says guard your heart with all diligence…some people are scavenging and looking for who to steal or rob of their happiness, kill their morale and when they leave they expect you to be sad because they have just destroyed and withdrawn your happiness. This is because they think they are all you got to be happy. You have to prove them wrong.

I have spent the last 12 months again in the SINGLE chair with the last 3 months been comfortable and hungry for more life achievement. The creativity and innovation spirit is rejuvenated. I am fired up to do more, I am inspired to break limit and deliver set goals. Hello, your been single is for a purpose enjoy it and grow in it. If you have never enjoyed been single you can never enjoy been married, it did not say that but Dr. Myles Munroe said it. Why are you in a haste to get married? Why are you troubled to find someone? Calm down, I tell you, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what the Lord has prepared for you. Whenever they don’t love you they always complain. The Book of books say the path of you the righteous shines brighter and brighter… the truth is you are getting better and better. As I get closer to thirty, I am remembered I don’t deserve better but the BEST. Show plenty love to yourself in your single state, take yourself out, cook sweet delicacies to yourself, take care of your body as a king or queen you are. Smile with a big attitude of gratitude for the altitude you are stepping into. You are LIMITLESS when you understand that been SINGLE is not a curse. Very soon you find that person who does not need you to be complete and you don’t need them to complete. They just love you because of YOU. Not that you don’t have flaws but they just love you still and cannot stop loving you. Till then keep feeling comfortable in your SINGLE chair.



I am not fit to write about this, I am not the most righteous or holy. I am writing this as it is disturbing me inside my spirit. I can’t watch any more while we disdain the name of my Lord Jesus. Money is a creation of Man, now Man is worshiping his own creation and turn against God.

Jesus said at the last days men will be lovers of themselves. In another portion the Book of books says the love of money is the root of all evil.

Some few weeks back an OAP Daddy Freeze took on Pastors on Tithe. He said the right thing in a wrong way. Rather than trash the motive, he was seeking about an harmless concept of God. Man has turned tithing upside down.

I know this is controversial but I will still speak on it. I ask, how did mammon stroll into our religious center (mosque and church)? When did God become a beggar? Why should a Pastor say God said when God did not because of MONEY? How did church members turn the church into business center? Drunkard, fornicators and contractors have found their ways to church just to take a bite of the enormous money the priest has cunningly collected and not SALVATION the JESUS bought through His blood.

I led a project in church; it was really a great opportunity to serve the Lord. Our first meetings were one of the best; we started with prayers and ended with same prayers. We spoke in tongues during meeting and shared the word of God. It was the best of people coming together to make a great anniversary.

When Money was injected, oh God! The best people became principalities. I heard words like: Forget God, this is business. Is talk going to feed my children? I pay offering and tithes to the church, so I am entitled to share in the blessing of the church. Human being is same but only God can change the man. No wonder the Book of books says the heart of man is continually thinking evil…

I am not surprised at this but I am surprised because this is the house of God not satan or man. This country is a religious country; our heart is far from God. The apostles were called Christians because of their attitude and actions. They were not called Christians because of their confession.

Finally, Jesus said he will start the judgment from His own house (the CHURCH). Why? He must have known the end time church will be polluted. It is time for the church to return to the old religion of faith. The faith of the Apostles. The church must be the house of truth and not lies. It is time we know it is not about the multitude we gather in our multi-million dollar house of worship. I hope you know the church is not block and concrete we sing and dance in. If the church cannot be the house of truth where else must the truth be spoken? Jesus said I am the TRUTH, WAY and LIGHT. If the only message of the church is Jesus then it must be TRUTH.

The Church is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and the BRIDE of the LORD JESUS. Jesus is calling us to repent, repent of our bad ways and embarrassing his name. It is time to turn back to Jesus. Jesus is not condemning you but he loves you extravagantly. If not he would not have died.

The Lord used whip to drive out buyers and sellers from the temple. Jesus called the Pharisees and Sadducees White Sepulcher. I hope we are not white sepulchers or we are not same buyers and sellers in the temple, if we are then the judgment of the Lord is looming. When Jesus arrives he will clean up the church.

He who has ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the Church.




Exclusive: How Gov, Ambode, Aregbesola, VP Osibajo, Afikuyomi, Others Cornered Multimillion Naira Choice Property In Lagos

Funmilola Tejuosho
Fresh facts have started emerging on what has been tagged illegal acquisition of a property by one of the lawmakers in Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Adefunmilayo Tejuoso. In fact, many tales were given to be the real cause of the invasion of her residence, 3 Sasegbon Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, by security operatives on the orders of Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

To some, she has done everything wrong by not vacating the building for other Deputy Speakers that came after her. Some others believed she has settled the issue by buying the property from the government at N150m.

However, according to the new findings, the issue that is still generating mixed feelings amongst many in the state with appellation, Centre of Excellence, is not only limited to the female lawmaker, who claimed to have bought the property from the state government through her company, Debam Mega Solutions Limited, when she was the Deputy Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly through the monetization policy of the government.

We further gathered that no Deputy Speaker of Lagos Assembly has ever made use of the property as official quarters, two Deputy Speakers had emerged before Tejuoso became the Deputy Speaker of the House, and none of them stayed in the property.

It was one Mrs. Dawodu, a retired Permanent Secretary that was the last occupant of the premises, before Tejuoso packed him.


Tokunbo Afikuyomi

Aside Tejuoso, findings revealed that the likes of Governors, Ambode, Rauf Aregbesola, Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi are also beneficiaries of the monetization policy which saw them acquiring properties the way Funmi Tejuoso did.

We gathered exclusively that, aside Funmi Tejuoso, the governor of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode also benefitted from such privilege when he bought his house on Glover Street, Ikoyi Lagos, a prominent part of the aquatics state.

Many who are privy to this information are wondering why Governor Ambode who intends to recover government assets sold at an undervalued price cannot start with his own property


Gov. Ambode

Aside the governor, there are so many other top government officials who also benefitted from the monetization policy. Now, the question is: why are others being shielded from the same treatment the female lawmaker is getting at the moment.

Other top politicians who have benefited from the policy include Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi who bought his property at 7 Oduduwa Street.

Other government officials present and past who are also beneficiaries include – Justice Atilade; Justice Akande; Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN); Dele Alake; Justice Phillips; current Commissioner for Housing, Hon. Gbolahan Lawal; APC Lagos State Chairman, Henry Olawale Ajomale, amongst others.

It, however, remain to be seen if Governor Ambode will have the political will to also go after the listed beneficiaries.


Meanwhile, many have continued to allude the illegal action of the governor as a pure vendetta on the lawmaker due her perceived closeness to National legal adviser of APC, Dr Muiz Banire.



I am a keen lover of the female gender. It is great delight to have them around as I am the only male in my family since my father died. I am unapologetic about my support for the female gender. I will always support the aspiration of women’s goal and aspiration.

Women are not weaklings, they are not foolish, they don’t whine. They are wise, strong and pillar of the society. They hold an important office in the growth and development of a nation. They are the custodian of values and morals. Woman; a teacher and shaper of destiny. No real man will pride himself in physically assaulting a female. No real man will abuse a woman. A matured man protects, tend and care for the woman gender. The strength of Man is in using our strength to cover up for the woman’s weakness not showcasing it.

My deep concern is when a woman begins to see herself as less. When a woman wants to be equal to the status and stature of a man using the world equality? Are we in a competition? Didn’t the maker made us help meet (collaborators)? Why then the competition for equality when you are? You don’t fight to be what you are because you are?

Anybody who have to say you don’t know who I am before you know who they are was nobody- Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Why the tussle, struggle and hassle. You are a woman, celebrate your uniqueness and stop fighting with the male gender like he is a gladiator. Stop speaking for yourself alone and expecting a man to support, rather speak for the oppressed men, children and women on the street. We were created in different capacity, male and female he created them…Please dear Queen celebrate your womanhood with a deep seen of humanity. You can never be a man; no matter how you try God will never promote you to the position of a man and vice versa.

Many ideologies have destroyed the family and society. A society where women expect merit even when they don’t merit it. A world where women can misbehave without consequences but man cannot. A world where been rude to husband is seen as romantic.

Let’s turn to statistics: Do you know 1/3 male are sexually harassed by female worldwide at work place? Do you know globally there are more tendencies a boy is abuse without help than a girl? Do you know women are crueler to women than men? Do you know it is likely a female gets help or favor under same condition than a male? Do you 2 out of 5 persons that has gone through domestic violence is male?

Is this equality? I am an advocate of gender equity. I love women; I will never beat or physically abuse a woman. I will always accord the respect a woman is due to her. If I wrong a woman I will be humble enough to apologize sincerely and all this I have always done.

Women must begin to dignify themselves than mere talk. All ye feminist, when was the last time you stood up in a bus for a pregnant or nursing mother to sit? A man is expected to stand up right? Shake my head… I think all feminist should think humanity first before feminism. Women stop looking for sympathy rather seek empathy. You are not weak…infact after the bible had called you week vessels, it called you sons. What an upgrade!

I remember a celebrity feminist pulled up media stunt with Femi Anikulapo-Kuti’s children. If you are truly a feminist you must value children. If not feminist is rubbish. Feminism without a respect for your own body and nakedness is stupidity. I remember a feminist snatched her friend’s husband. Feminist that does not respect fellow feminist is waste of time. I know lots of feminist who are rude to the leadership of their husbands at home because they are equal. This is rebellion against God. Any feminist without respect for God’s command is foolishness.

I hope women’s selfishness, being self-centered, and arrogance are not been labeled FEMINISM. Killing INEQUALITY with another INEQUALITY IS FOOLISHNESS. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And God said come let us create MAN in our own IMAGE and likeness(Man is God’s image but can never be GOD)…Come let’s make him an help meet(WHY DO WOMEN WANT TO BE MEN?)…She shall be called Woman (WOMB-MAN not WOE-MAN) for out of me she was brought forth. Women you are beautiful, unique and whole, celebrate your uniqueness.


Come and see the glory of Africa,
The realm of joy, the reign of black gold,
The chariot of honour,
The parade of diversity,
The paragon of splendor,
My country.
The fight for survival,
The strength of the common man,
The power of numbers,
The richness of cultural heritage,
My people.
The smile deeper than agony,
The sweat of hardwork,
The pleasure of the ages,
The religion faithful,
My Shelter.
Strong, beautiful tent of mahogany
See her tiptoeing into greatness white,
See her catwalk into royal purple,
See her breastfeed her child in love blue,
See her farm land harvest green.
See, across the Nile she stands out
Like the Iroko shades of an Arugba in the grove of the goddess Osun.
My country! oh my country!!
The true beauty of Africa,
The roaring aquatic splendor of the Atlantic.
The tale of Queen Sheba; Oloye Bilikisu of Ijebu
The bravery of Queen Amina of Zarie
The wisdom of Moremi of Ile-Ife
The bleeding and loving heart of motherhood.
Peace of kolanut from the Ibos,
Parading Durbar of the Hausas,
Tranquility of Olojo from the Yorubas,
I see Nigeria leap frog,
I see Nigeria eagle soar,
I see Nigeria kingship coronation,
I see great Nigeria.
I see laundering laundered into integrity,
I see greed ground into empathy
I see illiterates refined into intellectual responsible,
I see great Nigeria.
Abundance in the gaff of former beggars,
Equity and justice in the corrupt court rooms,
Honesty by bribe thirsty law enforcement agents,
I see the old shout on the hills in ecstasy,
I see the young lead in her palaces,
The charavans from Europe, Asia, and around Africa land at MMA1 in awesome of our transformation.
Sanity on the street of Lagos I see,
Love in the forest of Sambisa I see,
Equality on the Niger bridge I see,
Do you see? I see
Speed of Light rail from Kano to Tincan Island,
Uninterrupted power from Apomu to Gauro,
Royal ride flight from Dakkada city to Newyork city on Nigerian Falcon,
Food basket of Africa I see.
Diligent hands at work in public service,
Extravagant wealth creation in the private sphere,
Meticulous fist clean the public space,
Creative brains building tech innovation,
This is my prayer that one day I see all I see with my eyes.
Written by Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba