LAUK(Learn All U Kan) a social enterprises with passion for youth and leadership is inviting you to it Learners Youth conference on 13th september 2014 at Anointed Gospel Church, Adesan, Mowe, Ogun. tagged: Youth, after school what next?
Time: 10am prompt(no african time)
Featuring the youngest lecturer in Nigeria Miss Joke Ogunlana,
the Nigerian representative to UNFPA in senegal this year Dipo Ajayi, and a respected HR personnel Miss Lolade Agbede to discuss issues boarding on labour market, interview, curriculum vitae, and many more
To get more info send your data: name phone number, gender, email to tobi4glo@gmail.com or 08104280304 or 235C41B0 we only have space for 100 people.
Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba
I rep LAUK
I am a LEARNER, are u a LeARNER?



Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and/or infirmity.

Mental health refers to a broad array of activities directly or indirectly related to the mental well-being of a person.

Mental health is a level of psychological well-being, or an absence of a mental disorder.

Now in the Nigeria concept, every activities of people around us affect our mental health(MIND). Our mind is the control ground of our life.once we do not have control over our MIND, we do not have control over our LIFE. It determines our habit, character, atttitude and LIFE.

Most people are not mentally healthy they are depressed, they face anxiety, grief, relationship problem.

When we face mental disorder, we take irrational decisions, mood disorder, suicide, disability to LEARN.

Using CHIBOK GIRLS as case study:
It is good Nigeria start preparing for a massive work to integrate this girls back into the society as they are psychologically, emotionally and physically affected.

I am sure the news of their parent collecting some money from the federal government would have gotten to them which will bring a thought that their parent LOVE money than them.

The assault and abuse they would have gone through in the camp of the BOKO-HARAM, sometime what they have to eat is not what pleases them.

The restriction of freedom and movement for the girls is another issue to be consider. The government needs to gets counsellors, therapists, Life coaches, psychologists, nurse practitioners and physicians to help manage this girls so that they can start living a normal life as soon as they are BROUGHT BACK ALIVE.

Unemployment, abuse, poverty and bad leadership and corruption are also factors that may affect the mental health of youth.

Many unemployment youth have taken to robbery not because they want to but because they do not have a job.

Poverty or abuse are another reason why mental health disorder is increasing which lead to suicide and being hospitalised in the psychiatrist hospital.

Many of mental disorder are most time victimised ignored and isolated. The quick recovery of every mentally sick patient largely depend on care from the society and their family.

Rehabilitation cenetres are also good places for the recuperation of patients with mental disorder.

The people who are most affected are youth even though some may not show may not show instantly untill they get old and begin to show face as hypertension, stroke e.t.c.

This year’s international youth day theme is based on the premises that youth with mental health conditions can often be isolated and which may lead to fear to seek help for their ailment.

GAYL and Learn All U Kan(LAUK) believe that social activist should begin to push for the change of attitude towards mentally sick patients and the right and enabling environment should be created for youth to make a socio-economic development in their country devoid of discrimination and stigma.

WRITTEN BY: Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba for GAYL, Nigeria. tobi4glo.wordpress.com



The cashless policy was launched in 2012 by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, former governor of CBN which stipulates a cash handling charge on daily cash withdrawals or cash handling charge on daily cash withdrawals or cash deposits that exceed N500,000 for individuals and N3 million for corporate bodies.

Cashless policy is aim at reducing(not eliminating) the amount of physical cash(coins and notes) in the economy circulation and encouraging more electronic-based transactions(payment for goods, services and transfers).

1. To foster development and evolution of our payment system to modern means in line with Nigeria Vision 2020.

2. To reduce the cost of banking.
3. To expand the reach of transaction(I.e you can transfer and withdraw money from anywhere in the world)
4. To bring about efficient transaction.
5. To reduce high cost of cash.
6. To provide security and reduce cash theft and robbery.
7. It helps in managing inflation and encourages economic growth.
8. Reduces corruption, leakages and money laundering.

One of the major benefit of cashless policy to customer is the reduction of robbery because they can buy and pay for goods with a banking hardware called”token”.

After the CBN introduce the cahless policy bank debit card were made of conventional magstripe that was prone to cloning but soon CBN instructed the banks to change to chip and personal identification number(PIN) which makes it more makes it a little harder for cloning.

The effect of cashless policy has got into the church, some churches now encourage their member to pay tithes and offering with POS eliminating the risk of carrying raw cash from church to the bank.

The cashless policy is so good because it is not a one-way traffic thing, it as various means you can pay or withdraw.

With all this internet fraud still exist the CBN as tried it best, some customer do not know that there are some mail or spam messages you are not suppose to click, as soon as you do, it takes you to a fake website and this criminals will be able to hack into your account.

Robbers now station themselves at close range to ATMs to rob their victims.

The fact that this policy has advantage to us does not mean we should go to sleep.
We must be vigilant and be careful of the website you are making transaction with.
Make sure the mail you reply are the one you are sure of.
Never allow people stay directly behind you while you enter your PIN at the ATM boxes.
Be vigilant at withdrawal position, if you notice any strange movement cancel your transaction.
Always use the ATM with see-through(transparent) covering.

14 out of 20 licenced mobile money operator accounted for 28,090 transaction valued at close to N600 million as at April 2014.

The cashless policy will become more responsive and better as the Apex bank will soon implement a connectivity agreement with NIGCOMSAT.

The question to ask now is hope this policy will not summersault as the other policy implemented by the government.