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This was written during the weekend, but was not able to post, after the excellent question asked by Owonikoko Samuel Olusola to Barack Obama the 44th president of United States of America yesterday at YALI 2015 fellowship town hall meeting, i was pressed to put this on this page. ENJOY…

Hello friend, how have the week being, I hope you had a splendid week and enjoying your weekend? This weekend try to unwind, visit the beach, resort centre, watch a cinema, you are special so give yourself a special treat.

Today, focus for the future of Africa is what is on my mind, what is focus? It is the centre of activity or interest. I will define focus as doing one thing excellently well before diversifying to achieve a common goal or vision.


Focus, what should be the centre of interest of Africa?, Focus for the future, what should be the key to Africa’s desirable future. The first thing I think the leaders of now should focus on is growing the capacity of its people and leaders of tomorrow with the resources at it disposal.

Africa should begin to thing 50 years ahead, African are intelligent people, we must use the resources we have to get what we want. Africa has  over 60% of natural resources in its ground, we must begin to think and research on new innovative articles from our resources, Africa must become the manufacturing ground and home of best education institute.

Education is key in this growth, we must grow home-made professionals to implement the vision of the leaders, the education sector must begin to think out of the box, student should be made to study courses that will be relevant in 50 years, Africa must invest in Education massively.

What Africans desire from its leeaders is too large because they do not have the capacity. You cannot give what you do not have, our focus must not be on money first, we must shift our interest and focus making qualitative and quantitative education accessible to all regardless of your background, home, creed, gender or tribe. We must give priority to developing capacity and value.

Education will help us rejuvenate and revamp the research arm, we must be willing to lose money to gain, we must invest in research centres and laboratory, science and technology must be given a place. We must develop our own products or products.


Education is Key to nation’s prosperity

Education is key to economic development

Education is key to security

Education spear against poverty.

Education is key to social engineering.

Education greatest tool to change the world.