A focus on 2019…Self Meditation.

Congratulations! you made it this far. You are alive. This is not an accident but an intentional gift of the Universe. I am excited about you and the future that is before you. I am optimist about your bright tomorrow. Don’t be caught in those negative thoughts, NO! The year 2018 may have come with a lot of burdens and challenges. It may have hit you hard and many of your loved ones may have betrayed you. They may have called you failure. They may have cheated on you. Forget about the past and LET IT GO! It is not about what happened in 2018 but how you respond to what happened. A very long quote i love from Charles Swindoll on attitude says,” We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude… I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you, we are in charge of our attitudes

I will love you to focus on the things working in your life. One good healthy practice that can help you focus and be grateful for yourself is SELF MEDITATION. Self meditation is the act of mindfulness and concentration that can allow you to gain important insights about yourself and the world around you.

With self meditation you will be able to lift off all those burdens. Many time what saddens us are from outside of us and we only need to re-focus our attention to the true source of happiness which is inside us. It will help you focus on building healthy relationship with others through empathy. One priceless gift of self-meditation is consonance of the Body, Soul and the spirit.

You may start with a 10 -15 minutes session. Find a quiet path where there is no traffic of foot or Noise. A place where you can focus. Always have a positive goal for every meditation and repeat it as a mantra. It could be authenticity, self-discovery or peace. Don’t rush yourself, at the first time pay more attention to the rhythm of your breathe. Breathe in from your diaphragm and exhale slowly. Make sure you feel the soothing breath as they come in and how heavy they are when you exhale. Please find a comfortable position that allow you breathe properly. Do not lay on the floor so you do not fall into sleep. As you meditate pay attention to how every part of your body feel and respond to the meditation session.

Are you set to take your first trip of meditation. I am sure you will enjoy it. You may be nervous and not be able to achieve a 100% focus on this first journey but do not be dismay it will get better and smooth. In your session pay close attention to 2019 and how you would love it to be. Pay attention to how your present can help bring about a better tomorrow. Be rest assured that i do truly love you and you are limitless.



Have you ever wondered why Gold has to pass through a heat of 1150 to 1450 degrees to assume its beauty? Have you ever thought about the process of making a beautiful jewelry? A crude gold is worthless if brought to the market? Crude oil is of lesser value until refined? As soon as crude go through process it become so expensive and valuable. It becomes an object of beauty. It is display in beautiful shop with maximum security.

Dear friend, don’t get frustrated about what is happening in your life? Don’t get depressed because you lost your job? Don’t lose your head because you got a divorce? Don’t stay stalked at that point of failure? A little movement in the right direction is the only thing you need to succeed. I tell you for free you are limitless.

As we journey into 2019, embrace the process and principles of your sphere of influence. Let everyday unleash the best of you. Be grateful for all you have got in your life and don’t attempt to jump out of the process. Our generation have a habit of seeking a fast route to everything. We seek wealth without smart or hard work. We are not willing to work for the life we seek. We love to build a facade. With the advent of social media it make easier for us to paint what we are not.

It is my advice to you to seek to understand process of becoming who you dream and desire to be. It will take more than confession or resolution to succeed in 2019. Crude gold is gold but refined gold is golden.

I am sure if you follow through the process you will achieve greater and your best is yet to be seen by the world. You are the best of your kind. You are unique, whole and beautiful. You are the one the world is waiting for. There was and will never be another you. You are precious. You are Limitless. You are value. You are Gold and i love you.



What do you see?

Do you feel alone when you are among the crowd? Do you keep asking yourself why do people complain about me? Are you wondering about the missing pieces in your life? Are you asking Who am i?

I am excited to tell you that you are not the only one asking those questions and they are very valid questions. The world keep asking us to be more. The world keep calling us to come further. It is greatly energy sapping that our competitor do not stay on our street again, they are not in our classrooms, they are not at our working place or on the same sport team neither at our religious center. They are on Instagram, Snap chat or shattered around the world. They call us to live a rich extravagant life of a mirage.

Hello sweetheart, can i tell you that all you see around or outside is a FACADE. Yes, facade. Stop looking around(environment) start looking inward. All that you need to be you is within you. Stop cursing yourselves, stop throwing yourself into sadness because someone does not like you. This is not to rule out that we should not make adjustment in our lives or learn when it is needed. My call to you Dearie is that you are not hopeless, you are not rejected, you are not a failure, you are not what you are not.

Let me tell you that I love you, Yes i do love. You ask how, i love you because i wrote this for you. You do not deserve to be depressed. You are not an accident, you are not poor? you are rich, your mind is a palace of ideas and wealth. You are a treasure to behold. You are Royalty. You are beautiful, unique and whole. You are limitless. You are the solution that we have been waiting for. There is more to you than we or you can see right now. You are greatness. You are successful. You are a Light in the darkness of this world. Stop fight your identity. Your identity is you. Focus and be grateful for the beautiful things in your life.





Reality is perspective,

Reality is Truth to the seer,

Reality is lie to the receiver,

It is what you belief,

It is imagination,

It is a currency,

Currency to exchange for the future,

Today’s reality was a dream,

dream beget idea,

idea light up passion,

passion drives emotion,

emotion sail safe in principles,

Principle the sailor to success,

Whatsoever your eyes can see,

What do you see?

I don’t know what you see?

But i know what i see,



Akinnike Michael Welcome Speech at READ TO LEAD HELD @ THE American Corner, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.


I say a big welcome to all our guest, schools, partners and amazing volunteers. A big thank you to the U.S consulate Nigeria for approving this space for todays event and the entire team of CC hub. We are glad and excited about the privileged to be here.

In 2008, a young secondary school leaver lost his father after a long battle with sickness. He never knew this particular tragic event will forever change his life. He lost direction on life and purpose. He could not imagine his life without his father. He could not continue with school because of financial constraint. He started working on a construction site as an unskilled labour to earn #700 after working from 8am to 5pm. On the construction site he made few mistakes with drugs, alcohol and abuse on the female gender.


On a fateful day, he came late to work and was assigned to carry 50kg cement bags up a three storey building construction site to be paid #700. The boy himself was 53kg in body mass. He was tired, hungry and depressed while doing the job for the day. After the days job, he was paid his wage and he continued to ponder on three questions that has engulfed his heart. The questions were; who am i? what was I made for? Is this the only thing I could offer the world? This was the beginning of destiny for him.

Fast forward, in 2011 he went back to school to study Mathematics/Computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria. He founded Young Protégé Leadership Foundation to educate, mentor, and empower young people and children on leadership for socioeconomic growth and development in Africa.

Young Protégé Leadership Foundation has under his leadership designed the First African leadership board game Protege LEAD game to teach leadership to children and young people with fun and Protégé Mobile App 1,0 on Google play store which you should download. You all will play Protégé LEAD game today and have the privileged to give us feedback on it. The event you are attending is the 9th Read To Lead session and the first in Lagos and was planned with that boy called No Future Ambition as the LEAD. YPLF has reached over 12,000 children and young people directly and indirectly.  That same boy is standing before you this morning.


Education is very important to achieving our potential in life, as young people we must all strive to get a good education. Education does not end in the four walls of the class room. We must maximize our time on the internet to acquire knowledge that will make us a positive value to our community. I cannot over flog what reading has done to me in particular. The team of Young people at Young Protégé Leadership Foundation are a testimony to what life long learning and reading good books can do. Book expose you to the world beyond your own. it enlightens, inspire and energize your mind. Books are therapy to the soul. A reader is a leader. I want to charge you all that during this forth coming summer holiday pick up a book. Read books that will help you see the impossible. Books that will push you toward success in all your endeavor.


In conclusion, not all books are good for your consumption but in books are hidden the treasure of the future, only readers can mine this treasure. A reader is a pilgrim in search of knowledge, the pages of the book are roads paved to wisdom. At the end of every book the reader becomes wiser and wisdom i say is the father of wealth.


Did God really say don’t have SEX?

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June 9th is world virginity day, yay! This year before I start sharing my 365 experiences with you lets talk about God’s plan for us pertaining SEX.
This is a question many of us has asked a particular time of our life. Did God really say don’t have SEX? If he did not want us to have sex why did he create the thirst for sex in us as humans? If I have sex what would happen? Those who say don’t have sex didn’t they have sex while they were younger? Will God leave all the problems in life and now be so concerned with having sex?
Now 1Cor 7:2-6 spoke about this issues, please if you have a bible read MSG and AMP version. In the beginning God created man in his own image and likeness. He wanted man to have fellowship with him, he wanted man to be like himself but he found a flaw to this his creation. This flaw was man being alone not lonely(another talk for another day), man had the vertical relationship but did not have the horizontal relationship like other animals who were created in twos. God created a help meet for man for the purpose of COMPANIONSHIP. Companionship another word for fellowship . It is in this institution that God ordained marriage. God never said don’t have sex but have it in the confines of marriage. God never said if you have sex you will have disease but STIs are consequences of SEX. God never said if you have sex you will die but if you have sex outside of marriage your spirit man is dead.
When you are hungry can you eat just anything including faeces or garbage? If not then God has given you a special place in his heart to as a Royal priesthood, holy nation to do things that are honourable. You are not an animal but God’s image. Ye are god’s.
If you have made a mistake God does not hate you. Don’t let anyone make you look filthy. God loves you and wants you. He gave himself for you and nothing will make him hate you. God does not hate you but the sinful act you engage in.
Finally are you lost, do you know you are battling with guilt, are you unsure of your eternity, are you seeking a way out of your addiction, are you tired of your current situation, do you seek peace for your soul? Now is the time, Let pray with sincerity of heart confessing and forsaking our iniquity, ask Jesus to come into your life and be your personal Lord and Saviour. Am glad you are a part of a big family of God today. I love you. Feel free to comment below.
Up next: my STELLAR experience



A black man reading on a smart portable tablet

In Africa, when you attain a certain age the world begin to put pressure on you and remind you of getting married. Marriage is not the key to happiness and been single is not a curse. Nothing is wrong with you as a single man or lady? Please why do you need someone to complete you?

The first 25 years of my life was in the single zone. It was the most interesting and adventurous time of my life. A time I spent in developing and growing mhyself which has not stopped. They were the time I found MYSELF. I enjoyed God’s love and also gave love to myself. When you take yourself to the ice-cream parlour you do not need to take a selfie to show it. When you went to do some swimming you do not need to think will I like it. When you are doing your early morning jogging while articulating goals and also speaking in the unknown. You love yourself unstopped. None stop and without hurt. This is the time of no friction and this allow you give better love to others and God. There was no depression. I enjoyed all around me. I said what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Just close to my twenty-fifth birthday, I started allowing the feelings of the heart speak to me. It was overwhelming and really made me vulnerable.  I was playing a romantic movie scene on TV which was awesomely amazing. My heart was given away totally. I was sold out. I was in my heart rejoicing to the altar. Suddenly, there was sharp turn and each vehicle drove farther and farther from each other. I have drawn my first and probably last lesson of love from this event.

I confess that the process of healing was not easy. Your healing starts when you forgive. It required lot of energy and emotion readjustment or engineering. It was also in this time I was going through health challenges, It became really revealing when you are left alone to navigate through the storms but you were there when they needed a hand. I learned very serious lessons of life. I have forgiven the person but I will never forget the lesson learned. It is no wonder the Book of books says guard your heart with all diligence…some people are scavenging and looking for who to steal or rob of their happiness, kill their morale and when they leave they expect you to be sad because they have just destroyed and withdrawn your happiness. This is because they think they are all you got to be happy. You have to prove them wrong.

I have spent the last 12 months again in the SINGLE chair with the last 3 months been comfortable and hungry for more life achievement. The creativity and innovation spirit is rejuvenated. I am fired up to do more, I am inspired to break limit and deliver set goals. Hello, your been single is for a purpose enjoy it and grow in it. If you have never enjoyed been single you can never enjoy been married, it did not say that but Dr. Myles Munroe said it. Why are you in a haste to get married? Why are you troubled to find someone? Calm down, I tell you, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what the Lord has prepared for you. Whenever they don’t love you they always complain. The Book of books say the path of you the righteous shines brighter and brighter… the truth is you are getting better and better. As I get closer to thirty, I am remembered I don’t deserve better but the BEST. Show plenty love to yourself in your single state, take yourself out, cook sweet delicacies to yourself, take care of your body as a king or queen you are. Smile with a big attitude of gratitude for the altitude you are stepping into. You are LIMITLESS when you understand that been SINGLE is not a curse. Very soon you find that person who does not need you to be complete and you don’t need them to complete. They just love you because of YOU. Not that you don’t have flaws but they just love you still and cannot stop loving you. Till then keep feeling comfortable in your SINGLE chair.