Big Brother Naija: Leadership lessons gleaned from Khloe


It has been three weeks of big brother Naija season 3 titled; Double Wahala. The house mate has made the competition house look like a love and romantic nest. Despite all the negative there are lots of positive lesson to glean from this reality show as Nigerian and Africans. Some of these leadership lessons are;

Listen: Khloe (officially Queen Koko Da Silva) was not a good listener. She was too loud and noisy as the Average Nigerian politician. She was not calm; she exhibits a pure character of a sanguine leader. She knows how to talk to her followers about what she expected of them. How she expected the house to be but did not do enough to listen to her fellow housemates like Tobi Bakre. Tobi Bakre was a good listener. He did not listen to respond but listened to understand. Most of the girls loves Tobi for been a listener and a gardener(care-taker). Khloe was too dramatic, she was the loud and lousy.

Team player: Queen Koko Da Silva; Khloe was good in initiating a good plan but did not do well in getting the buy-in of all her team. She had a good idea to make the Housemates to talk about entrepreneurship but slipped while waking Dee-One from his sleep. She would have done well if she had delegated Vandora to wake Dee-One from his sleep. Vandora would have been able to wake him up without a uproar. In leadership the buy-in of majority of your team is very important. Leadership is not about the leader but about the leader and followers.

One of defining choice of a leader is choice of partner and/or team.

Attitude: Charles Swindoll said, “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company…a church….a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes.” ― Charles R Swindoll


Khloe was indiscipline and this was the single bullet that disqualified her from the house. She loose her temper easily and at free will. Her case was like Alexandra the great who conquered the world but did not conquered himself. During her tenure the housemates won the wager for the first time which Tobi Bakre failed to do. She won the wager but was disqualified from the house despite her immunity. She was the custodian of the grunde norm. It was her primary assignment as Head of House to keep sanity in the house but she failed in her primary assignment. I would not blame KBrule for whatever happened. As a leadership expert, I know looking at Khloe’s body language yesterday she felt she was sent packing because of Kbrule but leadership is huge RESPONSIBILITY. Khloe wanted 45 million Naira but her attitude kicked her out of contention. This singular scenario justifies Charles Swindoll’s quote. Dear reader, your attitude is more important than MONEY.

Many young people who are watching Big Brother Naija and are in the house see themselves as the leaders of tomorrow but they lack the simple understanding of leadership. This reality show has opened our eye to our indiscipline, low self-esteem, lack of value and many more. The positive is that we are intelligent, energetic, passionate, talented and full of a lot of ideas. If all you are watching is the nude and immoral side, it is time to turn the coin and see how you can improve your life from this big reality show.





Exclusive: How Gov, Ambode, Aregbesola, VP Osibajo, Afikuyomi, Others Cornered Multimillion Naira Choice Property In Lagos

Funmilola Tejuosho
Fresh facts have started emerging on what has been tagged illegal acquisition of a property by one of the lawmakers in Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Adefunmilayo Tejuoso. In fact, many tales were given to be the real cause of the invasion of her residence, 3 Sasegbon Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, by security operatives on the orders of Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

To some, she has done everything wrong by not vacating the building for other Deputy Speakers that came after her. Some others believed she has settled the issue by buying the property from the government at N150m.

However, according to the new findings, the issue that is still generating mixed feelings amongst many in the state with appellation, Centre of Excellence, is not only limited to the female lawmaker, who claimed to have bought the property from the state government through her company, Debam Mega Solutions Limited, when she was the Deputy Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly through the monetization policy of the government.

We further gathered that no Deputy Speaker of Lagos Assembly has ever made use of the property as official quarters, two Deputy Speakers had emerged before Tejuoso became the Deputy Speaker of the House, and none of them stayed in the property.

It was one Mrs. Dawodu, a retired Permanent Secretary that was the last occupant of the premises, before Tejuoso packed him.


Tokunbo Afikuyomi

Aside Tejuoso, findings revealed that the likes of Governors, Ambode, Rauf Aregbesola, Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi are also beneficiaries of the monetization policy which saw them acquiring properties the way Funmi Tejuoso did.

We gathered exclusively that, aside Funmi Tejuoso, the governor of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode also benefitted from such privilege when he bought his house on Glover Street, Ikoyi Lagos, a prominent part of the aquatics state.

Many who are privy to this information are wondering why Governor Ambode who intends to recover government assets sold at an undervalued price cannot start with his own property


Gov. Ambode

Aside the governor, there are so many other top government officials who also benefitted from the monetization policy. Now, the question is: why are others being shielded from the same treatment the female lawmaker is getting at the moment.

Other top politicians who have benefited from the policy include Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi who bought his property at 7 Oduduwa Street.

Other government officials present and past who are also beneficiaries include – Justice Atilade; Justice Akande; Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN); Dele Alake; Justice Phillips; current Commissioner for Housing, Hon. Gbolahan Lawal; APC Lagos State Chairman, Henry Olawale Ajomale, amongst others.

It, however, remain to be seen if Governor Ambode will have the political will to also go after the listed beneficiaries.


Meanwhile, many have continued to allude the illegal action of the governor as a pure vendetta on the lawmaker due her perceived closeness to National legal adviser of APC, Dr Muiz Banire.


Come and see the glory of Africa,
The realm of joy, the reign of black gold,
The chariot of honour,
The parade of diversity,
The paragon of splendor,
My country.
The fight for survival,
The strength of the common man,
The power of numbers,
The richness of cultural heritage,
My people.
The smile deeper than agony,
The sweat of hardwork,
The pleasure of the ages,
The religion faithful,
My Shelter.
Strong, beautiful tent of mahogany
See her tiptoeing into greatness white,
See her catwalk into royal purple,
See her breastfeed her child in love blue,
See her farm land harvest green.
See, across the Nile she stands out
Like the Iroko shades of an Arugba in the grove of the goddess Osun.
My country! oh my country!!
The true beauty of Africa,
The roaring aquatic splendor of the Atlantic.
The tale of Queen Sheba; Oloye Bilikisu of Ijebu
The bravery of Queen Amina of Zarie
The wisdom of Moremi of Ile-Ife
The bleeding and loving heart of motherhood.
Peace of kolanut from the Ibos,
Parading Durbar of the Hausas,
Tranquility of Olojo from the Yorubas,
I see Nigeria leap frog,
I see Nigeria eagle soar,
I see Nigeria kingship coronation,
I see great Nigeria.
I see laundering laundered into integrity,
I see greed ground into empathy
I see illiterates refined into intellectual responsible,
I see great Nigeria.
Abundance in the gaff of former beggars,
Equity and justice in the corrupt court rooms,
Honesty by bribe thirsty law enforcement agents,
I see the old shout on the hills in ecstasy,
I see the young lead in her palaces,
The charavans from Europe, Asia, and around Africa land at MMA1 in awesome of our transformation.
Sanity on the street of Lagos I see,
Love in the forest of Sambisa I see,
Equality on the Niger bridge I see,
Do you see? I see
Speed of Light rail from Kano to Tincan Island,
Uninterrupted power from Apomu to Gauro,
Royal ride flight from Dakkada city to Newyork city on Nigerian Falcon,
Food basket of Africa I see.
Diligent hands at work in public service,
Extravagant wealth creation in the private sphere,
Meticulous fist clean the public space,
Creative brains building tech innovation,
This is my prayer that one day I see all I see with my eyes.
Written by Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba



What is the essence of power? What has power got to do with sustainable businesses? Why should the power sector be fixed? If the power sector is paralyzed, what is the effect? Why are we in darkness? These are rhetorical questions have been asking and continue to ask myself.

In Nigeria over 75 million people are yet to be connected to National grid, with Nigeria’s power capacity between 4,500MW and 7200MW but can only supply between 2,500MW and 4,000MW per time it is glaring that Nigeria has shortage of power. Recent statistics show that Nigerians spend over #700 Billion (Seven hundred Billion Naira) on fueling generators without maintenance and utility. This is sure big loss and wastage in the economy; it is expedient and purely sensible for government to quickly fix the power sector to boost the economy and foster prosperity.

It is clear that with well over 75 million people yet to be connected to the national grid and many still do not have up to 20 hours of power every week, it is clear that Nigeria needs to expand her power capacity with investment in clean and sustainable energy to cushion climate change.

Nigeria’s main sources of power are mainly Hydro and Natural gas. During dry season there is always a drop in power because of reduction in water pressure from the hydro power station. Hydro power has its limitations if we cannot control the water pressure to be constant all year round. Hydro power is really safe but sustainability is yet to be achieved in Nigeria. When the dry season is heavy, sometimes Nigeria power capacity drops to 1,900MW. As one of the fastest growing economy in Africa, we could double our growth if we invest effectively in power.

The unpatriotic and destructive attitude of greedy citizens and militants across the water coast where there are gas pipeline is sabotage on access to power. Nigeria is a gas and crude oil producing nation, gas is a very good alternative to providing power, many houses now use gas cooker to make their food, iron their clothes and recently new innovations like gas generator are becoming more acceptable in Nigerian household. The continuous vandalism of gas pipeline by militants has been a great jab on every little progress the power sector tries to make in providing clean and sustainable power. Vanguard newspaper reported that in 2015 NNPC said Nigeria lost #51.3 billion to vandals.

In the global community, connection is important, without power on our phones, laptops and gadgets, this connection will never be possible. Power is important to our business life. It is the soul of productivity in government, entertainment and agriculture.

In Mowe, ogun state a small community of about 5000 houses, Mowe is on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, the main expressway that connect the north, east and south of Nigeria together. Mowe is a strategic location because it is a small town between Lagos (the commercial hub of Nigeria) and Ogun(the border state to Benin Republic) Many religious organization have their headquarters on this expressway, yet it is really sad to know that nobody in mowe has up to 20 hours power. The community has been forgotten by the government, no good road, no water, non-functional health centre and the worse is that the town is in darkness.

In Mowe, many are connected to the national grid but have less than 20 hours power and they pay between #2000 and #5000 monthly without constant power supply. Many houses have a running generator, rechargeable lamp, kerosene lamp to lighting their homes at night.

Many have been in and out of hospital because of adulterated kerosene by criminals. A resident of Mowe that want to remain anonymous said, “The inability of government to provide electricity made me almost lost my eye while refueling the kerosene lamp for my son who was preparing for exams”.

The owner of Adonai ventures also recount her loss to fueling her generator everyday with petrol. She said, “It is really annoying to spend #30,000 monthly on generator, do we have a government at all?” She asked rhetorically.

Doctor Oyin says, “Hospital bills can be reduced by 20% if there is constant, stable, and affordable power supply. We run generator 24 hours in our hospital because we deal with lives, we cannot afford to take chances on our patients. We know there are a lot of people who need to access cheap health care but the cost of running the hospital especially power is a big challenge to accessing low cost health care. It is a pity that the government health Centre that are supposed to cushion this effect are not also working. Who suffers? The lowest cadre of the society that the government was elected to serve”.


From 2005-2008 when I was in high school I read with a kerosene lamp or rechargeable lamp which has affected my eye sight. I have seen the doctor and a correcting eye glass was recommended but I have refused to use it. The doctor said, “You have over stressed and strained your eye to read in the time past, you eat good food that is why your eye sight is still sharp, but to stop the tears and itching in your eyes you need a correcting glasses”. Lack of power has different adverse effect on our health, business, education and others. I did lost some reading days in school because of no power supply which had its own negative effect sometimes on my education.

Rape, robbery, and kidnapping on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway at night is becoming worrisome, yet the reason crime flourish is there is no street light, responsive and reliable security operative on the road at night.

What exactly should we be doing? Is there a solution? Sure there is. I am no expert at power but I will try my best as an active participant. Corruption is a huge monster on the way to sufficient power supply; a whooping #30 billion was spent between 1999 and 2007 to revamp the power sector without result. No one has been punished or sentenced by EFCC or ICPC for public fund misuse. This is still a tragedy.


Privatization of the power sector is a great move in the right direction. Reduction in bureaucracy and bottleneck in getting license for a power company like ENEL will be a major move to lighting every house in Nigeria. A close monitoring of all gas pipe using technology will further make power capacity in Nigeria stable. Nigeria government must be willing to finally bring corruption to a hurt in the public sector for citizens to access power.

Exploring clean and safe energy like solar, wind, and so on will further help expand the national grid. Currently, the federal government is the only one that has the legal power to generate power, this is a big challenge, and therefore government must allow private company, state, local government and investors to generate power in states, communities and regions.

Government must create the free and fair environment for investors to profit while also protecting the citizens from greedy investors. Government must be a fair umpire between power companies and customers through legal frameworks, policy, and sanctions.

Citizens must begin to protect power infrastructure if they want constant power supply. We all have a responsibility to light up Africa. Africa is rich but we need visionary leaders to lift Africa out of the mess we find ourselves.

Why are we in darkness?



Can politics bring about change? What has politics help achieve in the last 18 years of democracy of Nigeria? Is politics the vehicle or catalyst for our actualization? What is the motive of the average Nigerian politician? Can politics knock out corruption? How can we fight and win as a people? Can we try change to change things?

Since 1960, we have thrived from one administration to the next, we have run the race back and forth and drop the baton half way for the next generation to pick it. We have stood together as one and fought dictatorship as a country. We have been through several phases yet we still find it miraculous to be together till date.


From 1999, we have suffered a heart attack from one civilian government to the next, 18 years into democracy; we still cannot provide basic human need like good roads, potable water, not to talk about providing good policy for business, correct monetary and economy policy and so on.

I have concluded that politics cannot solve our problem. How can few people in government overcome 200 million Nigerians? How can the whole Lagos state government house of assembly earn more than the United States president? If the executive is focused and visionary while the legislative arm have political interest, they will do anything to stop the executive. Politicians are not our solutions. The solution of this country’s problem is in the hand of the ordinary PEOPLE.


The ordinary people who will do small things to move this country forward like being diligent at work place, repair that water pipe that is burst on your street, conserve power when you can, reject bribe when we are lured, blow the whistle when you see corruption around you, solve a problem in your community, ask questions from government that will make them act correctly.

I am so sure that if 200 million people in Nigeria that are currently sleeping will be united on this change and transformation, the few in government cannot win. They will use power, force, weapon and all they have to stop us, but when we have resolved to fight corruption, injustice, inequality, underdevelopment, and so on VICTORIA ACERTA.


On Thursday, 16th, 2015 at the graduation of Agidingbi high school, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, there was over 500 sstudents and their teacher gathered in the school hall as they round up the session, it was a time of reflection as a school, as some were graduating, others were promoted and other had failed and have to repeat their classes. This informed the school choice of THEME: WHAT NEXT?


This is a question that every productive person should ask everyday, the speaker who is the finance secretary of Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL) motivated the students to find direction for their life as life will only offer them what they ask from life, he asked them to work hard and we don’t fail until we accept failure and not accept to re-launch, he encourage them to paint a picture(VISION) of who they want to be, create short and long term goal for their lives.
He concluded with the habits of successful people which included: determination, risk-takers, learners, responsible, good association, grateful, etc. He told them how he lost direction and focus after the death of his father and how his life turn around once he committed himself to serving other people as community organizer. @toebheey @youngprotegela fb: Toby michael akinnike


 rєx™

When a child in Africa is growing one of the first lesson of life is thus: the kid see a fire burning either on a lamp, candle, stove etc. it is attracted to it and want to touch for the first time, the traditional African mother tells the kid to touch instead of telling it not to  because if she said it should not it might want to try it behind her, so she tells it to touch the fire when it touch the fire and get burnt, it start crying  that is one of the first lesson learnt as an African child.

Now the Irony is Nigeria has being burnt several times but still love being burnt, I really want to stress why Nigeria does not have a “candidate’’ in the coming election, I want to start with the ruling party, then I will proceed to the opposition party.

At Age 16 I had graduated from secondary school and passed school certificate exams and did not write twice, I believe at age 16 if you cannot point to a serious success in your life, you might be heading for mediocrity.

 PDP as being in change in Nigeria for sixteen years, corruption as thrived and enjoyed nurturing under the nose of this ruling party, the Haliburton scam, the Farouk Lawan subsidy scam, the Bayelsa governor scam, the Stella Uduah Car saga, Tinubu becoming rich by skimming and scamming of the APC states, the numerous carade of private jets, embezzling billions of Naira and a no serious show to stop this menace.

Eventually when Ribadu tried to do, the now holy stateman Obasanjo and his gang demoted him. This self-acclaimed holy man was the one who under his administration Nigeria was number two(2) on the world most corrupt countries list, the Man in whose time kidnapping prosper and became a phenomenon, the man that justify not constructing the Sango Otta road that leads to his farm, 15 billion naira Nigeria fund was spent on power without increase in power supply during his tenure as a president, the man in which unemployment index during his regime rose to 21% during his time banks closed up and staff retrenchment were burning issue, the man in whose time education became sandwich and failure rate began to increase, a farmer that never implement an agricultural program to help the farmers, the man in whose regime rigging of election flag was flying high that same man is the stateman of today, if you forgot I haven’t! NEVER!

PDP as a party as failed to be truthful, they have shown they lack no vision, they have shown they are a bunch of cowards and liars, they have shown to me that they are Pig swine, No matter how you clean a pig it will return to its dirt.

I live in Ogun state and I know how Gbenga Daniel refuse to construct some road because they did not vote for him and I heard from unconfirmed source that does roads where constructed on paper.

Goodluck came in he was thought to be a loyalist to this powerful people but first thing he did was to give Nigeria a free but unfair election, he improved on this by giving the tribunal a free hand and many APC governorship candidates started smiling but instead of appreciating the president they paid him with criticism because of the Nigerian “do or die politics” he thought to be fair to the opposition but was shown that the only politics that works in Nigeria is the DO OR DIE TACTICS he decided to remove Justice Ayoola.

 He refused to dance to the drums of Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo who paraded himself as a leader but could not lead his family, his dirty fight with his son on dailies then his daughter, WHAT A LEADER! it is time the international media and people be told that this people are not pure as the seams, they brought Nigeria to the point it is now, They escaped death but are not gracious to God for the second chance given, when the Abeokuta library fundraising was done all the business and political craftmen including the thieves gathered and raised fund for a library that the ordinary Nigerian cannot have access to and the international world thinks they have done us good please can anybody measure its impact on Nigeria education and research community but to me I see it as an architectural artifact in Abeokuta.

Now it is no more the opposition opposing Goodluck but also the people in his party who cannot at least stand his being a little fair to the other party but his being fair will not be a replayed because he tried the route and it did not result well so he will take the other path in the coming election which might be too late.

To the opposition party, they always kicked against Godfatherism, they said No to Godfatherism but they are also now trapped in it, in a party that an individual dictate to all delegates who to vote for in the primaries, is that democratic? I have always said a thief cannot catch a thief, let me categorically say this that APC is a den of thieves and I will like to refer to an article when APC was formed Pastor Tunde Bakare’s stated that APC was the new church of Satan, I am not surprise if all the so called thieve are migrating to APC, Jesus said if a new wine is put in an old bottle what will happen, you can answer in your mind. APC a new bottle, Amechi and co Old wine.

The Tinubu business, Oriental shareholding deal, the Jobifele hotel, the tax collector, the dictator, the oil mogul, Laspotech land transfer etc. I accept MR INTEGRITY as integrity but my concern is that his campaign buses run on the fuel supplied by thieves, to my knowledge the original land owners of Oriental hotel Certificate of Occupancy before Oriental was built was revoked by the power that be in Lagos, The Ketu Laspotech land that now house TVC / Radio Continental how did it happen? This is the CHANGE PARTY how is it that the Iyaloja is a family of his and has dues paid to her by market women, why is your wife a senator, Mr Jagaban? Why is lai-mohammed’s son running for a political position? Expensive nomination form as made political positions far from the masses, Shoprite Alausa Ikeja shady bidding, why did you ask your party senators to stalk the passage of the budget in 2014?

Now to the sad story of a young boy, during the reign of the Change Jagaban, my father was a pensioner before he died and one of the statement he offered on the roundhouse top when the pensioners matched to his office for delay in payment of their pension was “Eyin agbaya won yi e lomo le to le toju yin ni” meaning you this shameless elders don’t you have children that can care for you at home, a man who as no respect for the elderly shouting CHANGE and on one occasion a pensioner was shot by one of his police. It is unfortunate that this same people are the one making noise of CHANGE. If Lagos make 40 billion in IGR and has a visionary like the now governor who unfortunately is now denting his record because of politics, made to surrender under the knife of this people then I noted there is fire on the mountain, you know it that your wealth is not pure and cannot be put under the light of true and honest investigation.

To the smelling aroma of the soup, it was when two arch enemies who became friends, I smell something funny which may not in favour of Nigeria in their mind it is only a Divine intervention that can turn the table around, one now pay the other a visit because of POWER, that is why the English man says “power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely” in search of absolute power a more youthful Kwankwaso was dropped for a 73 years old man who is nearing his grave, I have a personal opinion that Nigeria’s problem is bigger than a 73 year old man, at 60 many are already struggling with the ailment that killed them.

Let me give you this gist that as at the second election Mr Fashola wasn’t sure if Mr Jagaban will give him the second term ticket so he had a meeting with some party to adopt him if he was not picked, this may not be authoritative but gotten from a reliable source. Can anyone tell how our senators spend their constituency allowance?

A new tactics of the APC government is to make a road construction that should have lasted for 1 or 2 years in 4 years, the Ogun state dilemma is one , I must commend the governor for his good works but because of this same power-that-be delay in delivery of projects as being a tactics, so the state spend more money to implement and execute the project the extra cost are funnel to some people and justified by this format and since the other party refuse to provide this infrastructure while they were there, the people are elated about the provision of this infrastructure not paying attention to the robbery going on beneath.

As Nigerians I will give you a candid advice that the day we start showing this people that we are the true Godfathers and that absolute power reside with the people things would not change, we must vote in this coming election for candidates not party, all this political parties are samesand out for their selfish reason and pocket.

Have you ever asked why your children who graduate need to get letter from a politician or join the ruling party in a state to get a job?

Have you ever asked why Lagos joined PDP states to stop local government autonomy?

Have you ever asked why their children are the next leaders in politics not your children but your children are the hooligan?

Have you ever asked why we do not have good education system but their children school abroad and come back to be the boss over your own children?

Have you ever asked why you have to appear on TV to solicit for fund to travel on a health tour and our health facilities decay?

Have you ever asked why recurrent expenditure in our budget stand at 75% and not even the APC senators as not raised the issue to cut the allowances and salaries of legislators and executives?

Have you ever asked why Nigeria imports petrol till date?

Have you ever thought it that APC=PDP