What do you see?

Do you feel alone when you are among the crowd? Do you keep asking yourself why do people complain about me? Are you wondering about the missing pieces in your life? Are you asking Who am i?

I am excited to tell you that you are not the only one asking those questions and they are very valid questions. The world keep asking us to be more. The world keep calling us to come further. It is greatly energy sapping that our competitor do not stay on our street again, they are not in our classrooms, they are not at our working place or on the same sport team neither at our religious center. They are on Instagram, Snap chat or shattered around the world. They call us to live a rich extravagant life of a mirage.

Hello sweetheart, can i tell you that all you see around or outside is a FACADE. Yes, facade. Stop looking around(environment) start looking inward. All that you need to be you is within you. Stop cursing yourselves, stop throwing yourself into sadness because someone does not like you. This is not to rule out that we should not make adjustment in our lives or learn when it is needed. My call to you Dearie is that you are not hopeless, you are not rejected, you are not a failure, you are not what you are not.

Let me tell you that I love you, Yes i do love. You ask how, i love you because i wrote this for you. You do not deserve to be depressed. You are not an accident, you are not poor? you are rich, your mind is a palace of ideas and wealth. You are a treasure to behold. You are Royalty. You are beautiful, unique and whole. You are limitless. You are the solution that we have been waiting for. There is more to you than we or you can see right now. You are greatness. You are successful. You are a Light in the darkness of this world. Stop fight your identity. Your identity is you. Focus and be grateful for the beautiful things in your life.


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I wish i was a bird

I would have flown across the world with you

I wish i was a Lion

I would have shook the jungle for you

I wish i was gold

i would have laid on your neck

I wish i was Dollar

I would have reside in your pocket

I wish i was blood

I would have been your life

I wish i was a bear

I would have know no cold

I wish i was not a human

I would have had no capacity to LOVE

Cos Love hurts

Cos Love pains

Cos Love is sore

We find love in the land of “Nowhere”

We ask of it to do the “Impossible”

We give to it the “Incomprehensible”

We get the “Intangible”

You cry

You sob

You mourn

Truly love is unexplanable

Love weakens a strong giant

Love strengthens the timid frail

Love is a threat to the powerful

Love makes the wisest vulnerable

Love is the best feeling

Love is giving but more of forgiving

Love is all

As i stand Akinbo

and wonder in limbo

I ginosko that

I wish the search has ended

but it seems it continues to

I wish….



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Amare is a high tidal stream,
Amare is a calm flowing spring,
Amare is perfect pasture green,
Amare is charming lush.

I feel Amour,
My heart skip Amour,
I did thought it was the end of Amour,
Lo! It was just the beginning,
The beginning of sweetest Amour.

Uthando you knocked, I opened,
Uthando let’s go to paradise,
Let’s show the world unconditional uthando,
I feel Uthando.

Omidan you need spirituality not religion,
Omidan you need beauty not Beautification,
Omidan you need wisdom not chicanery,
Omidan standout, don’t tag along,
Omidan seek to be different not difficult,
Omidan be MAD but not insane.

I am in love with Amare,
Her hand invincibly cold,
Her smile so peaceably alluring,
Her legs deeply rooted like camba,
Her hips sway in admiralty of giants,
She sway like the beach side hoisted flag,
Intelligence at her peak,
Omoluabi to the core,
I love you Amare.

Amour so special
Uthando all I got
Omidan I care
I love you Amare


My STELLAR Experience

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Hey paddy, Are you caving in unto peer pressure? Do you feel alone? Are you tired of been insulted? Wait a minutes raise your shoulder and tell yourself I am the best of my kind. After me there can never be another me.

This fateful day, I had gone to another church with a friend on a Sunday morning. We got in at 55 minutes to the end of a 3 hours service. I came because the church was helping out with the national ID card and I felt this was the best opportunity. At the end of the service I got captured for the National ID and time to go home. I went down stair and I met 2 other boys with my friend and 2 girls talking about going to Loko’s (not real name) to go cook spaghetti, then a short, round, fair girl came by the sales stand by us to buy Shawarma, my fiends started throwing banter that no one can approach her. I took the challenge and went towards her, we had a very smooth 10 minutes chat and eventually said goodbye. My friends started hailing and my head started swelling. She told me her name but I can’t even recall at this time. I had perfected my art of approaching a lady since I was 19.

The excitement in the air made me agree as the hero to go to Loko’s house, this was the location were God never followed me to.

In a few moment we got to Loko’s house there was loud music, and the girls started cooking spaghetti we bought earlier with cooking ingredients. In another few minute everyone was sipping alcohol and then the girls started shaking their buttocks to the loud music.

Then Loko took a girl to another room, I did not have an idea of what was happening, and while he was yet to be back his girlfriend came in to pay a surprise visit. I was try to calm her down with YK (boy) when 1 other boy came in. This guy and one of the boy took their turn to go into the room where Loko emerged from while we were begging Toyo(Loko’s girlfriend). Then I felt Loko put his hand in my pocket and dropped something in my pocket and said it is your turn.

I was curious, I wanted to know what was going on the room, I went in and met this other girl naked and half drunk, I was shocked. I put my hand in my pocket and saw 2 condoms. I knew I was far away from the umbrella of God. I immediately developed speech disorder, I knew she was half drunk and I should never take advantage of her. She was all over me in a second saying she love me, kissing and massaging me, I started muttering some words into her ear, she did not pay attention. I was in a deep mess and the dungeon of the devil. I did not know what to say, I was confused. Then I said, I can’t have sex with you. She said, why? I said, I am doing some 7 days spiritual protection activities as I work around a politician and will need to fortify myself for the coming election. To my amazement, she heard that and started wearing her clothes. She then replied, will you make money out of this? I said yes. Then she said, I hope you will give me some money? In microseconds I said YES.

She said, Just be going. It was not as as easy as written. In 30 minutes when she came out of the room, she has gotten herself fully drunk and was shouting my name. My friends started saying what did I do to her, she was closing her eye and was behaving like a near death patient. My so called friends start saying how could i have stayed 1 hour? of which I have no idea. The whole blame was on me. They told me to report myself to the police if she died. They told me I am about to be a murderer. They never knew I did not do anything but in the middle of this she was still calling my name. We got garri and Fed her. Then after 5 hours sleep she was back to normal. I kept on checking on her pulse to see if she was till breathing. It was worse 5 hours of my life. Egypt I went.

I was rescued by the hand of last miracle, I was a great lesson of no friend like Jesus. He is the only one that can stand by you in trouble. There are places that God’s eyes can see but God’s hand can’t rescue. The bible says if the edge be broken the serpent bites. Beware of dogs. Jesus is loves you.

If your virginity is never important, why is does the devil wants it? If marriage is not good, why is the devil waging war against it? You will be tested or tempted but do not be perturbed you already won the battle. He will always make a way. I failed on all steps that led me to that room but I survived. It has not been easy but his grace is enough for me.


Did God really say don’t have SEX?

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June 9th is world virginity day, yay! This year before I start sharing my 365 experiences with you lets talk about God’s plan for us pertaining SEX.
This is a question many of us has asked a particular time of our life. Did God really say don’t have SEX? If he did not want us to have sex why did he create the thirst for sex in us as humans? If I have sex what would happen? Those who say don’t have sex didn’t they have sex while they were younger? Will God leave all the problems in life and now be so concerned with having sex?
Now 1Cor 7:2-6 spoke about this issues, please if you have a bible read MSG and AMP version. In the beginning God created man in his own image and likeness. He wanted man to have fellowship with him, he wanted man to be like himself but he found a flaw to this his creation. This flaw was man being alone not lonely(another talk for another day), man had the vertical relationship but did not have the horizontal relationship like other animals who were created in twos. God created a help meet for man for the purpose of COMPANIONSHIP. Companionship another word for fellowship . It is in this institution that God ordained marriage. God never said don’t have sex but have it in the confines of marriage. God never said if you have sex you will have disease but STIs are consequences of SEX. God never said if you have sex you will die but if you have sex outside of marriage your spirit man is dead.
When you are hungry can you eat just anything including faeces or garbage? If not then God has given you a special place in his heart to as a Royal priesthood, holy nation to do things that are honourable. You are not an animal but God’s image. Ye are god’s.
If you have made a mistake God does not hate you. Don’t let anyone make you look filthy. God loves you and wants you. He gave himself for you and nothing will make him hate you. God does not hate you but the sinful act you engage in.
Finally are you lost, do you know you are battling with guilt, are you unsure of your eternity, are you seeking a way out of your addiction, are you tired of your current situation, do you seek peace for your soul? Now is the time, Let pray with sincerity of heart confessing and forsaking our iniquity, ask Jesus to come into your life and be your personal Lord and Saviour. Am glad you are a part of a big family of God today. I love you. Feel free to comment below.
Up next: my STELLAR experience


Big Brother Naija: Leadership lessons gleaned from Khloe


It has been three weeks of big brother Naija season 3 titled; Double Wahala. The house mate has made the competition house look like a love and romantic nest. Despite all the negative there are lots of positive lesson to glean from this reality show as Nigerian and Africans. Some of these leadership lessons are;

Listen: Khloe (officially Queen Koko Da Silva) was not a good listener. She was too loud and noisy as the Average Nigerian politician. She was not calm; she exhibits a pure character of a sanguine leader. She knows how to talk to her followers about what she expected of them. How she expected the house to be but did not do enough to listen to her fellow housemates like Tobi Bakre. Tobi Bakre was a good listener. He did not listen to respond but listened to understand. Most of the girls loves Tobi for been a listener and a gardener(care-taker). Khloe was too dramatic, she was the loud and lousy.

Team player: Queen Koko Da Silva; Khloe was good in initiating a good plan but did not do well in getting the buy-in of all her team. She had a good idea to make the Housemates to talk about entrepreneurship but slipped while waking Dee-One from his sleep. She would have done well if she had delegated Vandora to wake Dee-One from his sleep. Vandora would have been able to wake him up without a uproar. In leadership the buy-in of majority of your team is very important. Leadership is not about the leader but about the leader and followers.

One of defining choice of a leader is choice of partner and/or team.

Attitude: Charles Swindoll said, “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company…a church….a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes.” ― Charles R Swindoll


Khloe was indiscipline and this was the single bullet that disqualified her from the house. She loose her temper easily and at free will. Her case was like Alexandra the great who conquered the world but did not conquered himself. During her tenure the housemates won the wager for the first time which Tobi Bakre failed to do. She won the wager but was disqualified from the house despite her immunity. She was the custodian of the grunde norm. It was her primary assignment as Head of House to keep sanity in the house but she failed in her primary assignment. I would not blame KBrule for whatever happened. As a leadership expert, I know looking at Khloe’s body language yesterday she felt she was sent packing because of Kbrule but leadership is huge RESPONSIBILITY. Khloe wanted 45 million Naira but her attitude kicked her out of contention. This singular scenario justifies Charles Swindoll’s quote. Dear reader, your attitude is more important than MONEY.

Many young people who are watching Big Brother Naija and are in the house see themselves as the leaders of tomorrow but they lack the simple understanding of leadership. This reality show has opened our eye to our indiscipline, low self-esteem, lack of value and many more. The positive is that we are intelligent, energetic, passionate, talented and full of a lot of ideas. If all you are watching is the nude and immoral side, it is time to turn the coin and see how you can improve your life from this big reality show.




Dear Hadassah,

My charming enigma of beauty, outstanding royalty in attitude, the touch of excellence. Magnetic and alluring to behold. The medicine for my craze. An ardent and addicted God-lover. My Queen, your king loves you.

Yes, this is my confession of my imperfect perfection. Your king is not asking you to put up with his nonsense but the brokenness that beautifies him. It is the way of eagles to fly alone. Many walk, few run and eagles fly alone. Be sure I want to spend my life with you under the refuge of THE ROCK.

I am not a party freak. The weird thing is I love dancing, singing, eating and gisting. I love rap music and hymns. I don’t love crowd. Crowd scares me when it is a weird party. I manage to blend in a few time but I ended up with headache. You will be amazed when you see me dancing and you are in for a big competition on the wedding day. I dislike party and aso-ebi, not that they are bad but they are just not my thing. I grew up knowing I dislike it. I am open to go to a few parties with you but not always.

Treasure, I am not perfect o. I joy in deep thought. Critical thinking is my obsession. I don’t fall into this always but I do seldomly. When I do I soliloquize. I mutter words. I love been left alone at some point. I retract and sleek away into solitude. This is a time of pain and travail to birth new ideas and solutions. It really does not last long but very dangerous to nag at this period. This time all I deserve from you is food, chocolate, a surprise peck or short kiss, a path on the back and the energizing word “I LOVE YOU”.

Let me apologize for all my wrong before time. Hadas, when am in traffic, at work or even in sleep I could compose a love poem all about you. Don’t be annoyed if your mirror, make-up box, dressing table or refrigerator are defaced with my love poem sticky notes in all shades of color. I could be really crazy to drive home during working hours only to quickly stick a poem for you before you come back home. Please be accommodating to allow me own the kitchen with you when I am available. Our kitchen is the place to feed the nation and foreplay room. I am communal and love privacy. Ahhh, now you wonder how possible. I joy in the people that surrounds me and like them around especially if they got positive energy but I sleek away a few time to give “BIRTH”. It is the way of eagles to live with a partner till death and so I will.

It is the way of eagles to be singly focused. Don’t mind my obsession about you. I already started displaying it before your arrival, I don’t intend to stop. I am not good at giving gift but I will do my best to pull few surprises. Please look beyond the gift into the heart of giving.

I am not looking for you; I am looking for God in you. I am sure if you love God you will love me. Give all of you to God. Verily, verily I say to you, no prayer can make me ask you for a first date if I catch a glimpse of heavy make-up, chain on your leg, tattoo of me, cross, Jesus or anything on your body, fixing of eye-lashes and anything that is over doing. Godliness is not hidden; it will always appear in our dressing. It is simple to catch my attention. It is simply beauty inside-out. Let me repeat your total submission and love to God is the key to my love. Please just be you, I already love you and promise to always do.

I am a man of many flaws and mistakes but I have asked God for a large heart for you. I am not immortal but supernatural. I love you already without your sight. I am impressed by your deep love for God, strong ethic for work, and effectual prayer life. You are all I crave, desire and want. Tobi loves you big big. You are my heartbeat.


Your King.