What is Love?

What does love sound like?

Does it sound like Simba;

The Lion king?

What does love look like?

Does is it look like Cinderella;

The beauty Queen?

What does love smell like?

Does it smell like Rapunzel;

The witch long hair-stairs?

What does love feel like?

Does it feel like Aladdin; 

The magical lamp?

What does love speak like?

Does love speak like Brain and Pinky; 

The wise and the fool?

What does love act like?

Does it act like Tom and Jerry; 

The troublemakers?

Love is supersonic sound

Love is magnetic sight

Love is alluring

Love is awesome

Love is you

And I love you.



Black beauty

Pretty Damsel

Sway of the goddess

Heart pure with goodness

Beautifully Fearful and gracious

Heart felt cry, the wiping beauty Queen

Royalty incomprehensible

Streams of tears untold

Crystal of treasure unfold

You are weak yet stronger

You are a fighter

Passionate Fire in your soul

Her king’s pride

Viral touch

Spell casting smile

Come to thy king

Arms wide open

Hug so closely

Lips locked

Body clogged

Soul twined

Spirit welded

We are Forever.



I was given free of charge

The best things come free of charge

But i neglect the free of charge

Coz i was blind.

I did drop on you free of charge

Have all free of charge

Thought i did see

But i was too blind

Blind can’t see

Free things i like 

But in reality i hate

Love free

Breathe free

Opportunity free

Life free

But i was too blind to see

Free it come

And free it would be taken

And given to another free of charge

Next time i see free of charge

Don’t look but see

It is free of charge.



Have you ever wondered why Gold has to pass through a heat of 1150 to 1450 degrees to assume its beauty? Have you ever thought about the process of making a beautiful jewelry? A crude gold is worthless if brought to the market? Crude oil is of lesser value until refined? As soon as crude go through process it become so expensive and valuable. It becomes an object of beauty. It is display in beautiful shop with maximum security.

Dear friend, don’t get frustrated about what is happening in your life? Don’t get depressed because you lost your job? Don’t lose your head because you got a divorce? Don’t stay stalked at that point of failure? A little movement in the right direction is the only thing you need to succeed. I tell you for free you are limitless.

As we journey into 2019, embrace the process and principles of your sphere of influence. Let everyday unleash the best of you. Be grateful for all you have got in your life and don’t attempt to jump out of the process. Our generation have a habit of seeking a fast route to everything. We seek wealth without smart or hard work. We are not willing to work for the life we seek. We love to build a facade. With the advent of social media it make easier for us to paint what we are not.

It is my advice to you to seek to understand process of becoming who you dream and desire to be. It will take more than confession or resolution to succeed in 2019. Crude gold is gold but refined gold is golden.

I am sure if you follow through the process you will achieve greater and your best is yet to be seen by the world. You are the best of your kind. You are unique, whole and beautiful. You are the one the world is waiting for. There was and will never be another you. You are precious. You are Limitless. You are value. You are Gold and i love you.



What do you see?

Do you feel alone when you are among the crowd? Do you keep asking yourself why do people complain about me? Are you wondering about the missing pieces in your life? Are you asking Who am i?

I am excited to tell you that you are not the only one asking those questions and they are very valid questions. The world keep asking us to be more. The world keep calling us to come further. It is greatly energy sapping that our competitor do not stay on our street again, they are not in our classrooms, they are not at our working place or on the same sport team neither at our religious center. They are on Instagram, Snap chat or shattered around the world. They call us to live a rich extravagant life of a mirage.

Hello sweetheart, can i tell you that all you see around or outside is a FACADE. Yes, facade. Stop looking around(environment) start looking inward. All that you need to be you is within you. Stop cursing yourselves, stop throwing yourself into sadness because someone does not like you. This is not to rule out that we should not make adjustment in our lives or learn when it is needed. My call to you Dearie is that you are not hopeless, you are not rejected, you are not a failure, you are not what you are not.

Let me tell you that I love you, Yes i do love. You ask how, i love you because i wrote this for you. You do not deserve to be depressed. You are not an accident, you are not poor? you are rich, your mind is a palace of ideas and wealth. You are a treasure to behold. You are Royalty. You are beautiful, unique and whole. You are limitless. You are the solution that we have been waiting for. There is more to you than we or you can see right now. You are greatness. You are successful. You are a Light in the darkness of this world. Stop fight your identity. Your identity is you. Focus and be grateful for the beautiful things in your life.


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I wish i was a bird

I would have flown across the world with you

I wish i was a Lion

I would have shook the jungle for you

I wish i was gold

i would have laid on your neck

I wish i was Dollar

I would have reside in your pocket

I wish i was blood

I would have been your life

I wish i was a bear

I would have know no cold

I wish i was not a human

I would have had no capacity to LOVE

Cos Love hurts

Cos Love pains

Cos Love is sore

We find love in the land of “Nowhere”

We ask of it to do the “Impossible”

We give to it the “Incomprehensible”

We get the “Intangible”

You cry

You sob

You mourn

Truly love is unexplanable

Love weakens a strong giant

Love strengthens the timid frail

Love is a threat to the powerful

Love makes the wisest vulnerable

Love is the best feeling

Love is giving but more of forgiving

Love is all

As i stand Akinbo

and wonder in limbo

I ginosko that

I wish the search has ended

but it seems it continues to

I wish….