My STELLAR Experience

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Hey paddy, Are you caving in unto peer pressure? Do you feel alone? Are you tired of been insulted? Wait a minutes raise your shoulder and tell yourself I am the best of my kind. After me there can never be another me.

This fateful day, I had gone to another church with a friend on a Sunday morning. We got in at 55 minutes to the end of a 3 hours service. I came because the church was helping out with the national ID card and I felt this was the best opportunity. At the end of the service I got captured for the National ID and time to go home. I went down stair and I met 2 other boys with my friend and 2 girls talking about going to Loko’s (not real name) to go cook spaghetti, then a short, round, fair girl came by the sales stand by us to buy Shawarma, my fiends started throwing banter that no one can approach her. I took the challenge and went towards her, we had a very smooth 10 minutes chat and eventually said goodbye. My friends started hailing and my head started swelling. She told me her name but I can’t even recall at this time. I had perfected my art of approaching a lady since I was 19.

The excitement in the air made me agree as the hero to go to Loko’s house, this was the location were God never followed me to.

In a few moment we got to Loko’s house there was loud music, and the girls started cooking spaghetti we bought earlier with cooking ingredients. In another few minute everyone was sipping alcohol and then the girls started shaking their buttocks to the loud music.

Then Loko took a girl to another room, I did not have an idea of what was happening, and while he was yet to be back his girlfriend came in to pay a surprise visit. I was try to calm her down with YK (boy) when 1 other boy came in. This guy and one of the boy took their turn to go into the room where Loko emerged from while we were begging Toyo(Loko’s girlfriend). Then I felt Loko put his hand in my pocket and dropped something in my pocket and said it is your turn.

I was curious, I wanted to know what was going on the room, I went in and met this other girl naked and half drunk, I was shocked. I put my hand in my pocket and saw 2 condoms. I knew I was far away from the umbrella of God. I immediately developed speech disorder, I knew she was half drunk and I should never take advantage of her. She was all over me in a second saying she love me, kissing and massaging me, I started muttering some words into her ear, she did not pay attention. I was in a deep mess and the dungeon of the devil. I did not know what to say, I was confused. Then I said, I can’t have sex with you. She said, why? I said, I am doing some 7 days spiritual protection activities as I work around a politician and will need to fortify myself for the coming election. To my amazement, she heard that and started wearing her clothes. She then replied, will you make money out of this? I said yes. Then she said, I hope you will give me some money? In microseconds I said YES.

She said, Just be going. It was not as as easy as written. In 30 minutes when she came out of the room, she has gotten herself fully drunk and was shouting my name. My friends started saying what did I do to her, she was closing her eye and was behaving like a near death patient. My so called friends start saying how could i have stayed 1 hour? of which I have no idea. The whole blame was on me. They told me to report myself to the police if she died. They told me I am about to be a murderer. They never knew I did not do anything but in the middle of this she was still calling my name. We got garri and Fed her. Then after 5 hours sleep she was back to normal. I kept on checking on her pulse to see if she was till breathing. It was worse 5 hours of my life. Egypt I went.

I was rescued by the hand of last miracle, I was a great lesson of no friend like Jesus. He is the only one that can stand by you in trouble. There are places that God’s eyes can see but God’s hand can’t rescue. The bible says if the edge be broken the serpent bites. Beware of dogs. Jesus is loves you.

If your virginity is never important, why is does the devil wants it? If marriage is not good, why is the devil waging war against it? You will be tested or tempted but do not be perturbed you already won the battle. He will always make a way. I failed on all steps that led me to that room but I survived. It has not been easy but his grace is enough for me.