As the elections round up today, this is my thought as I try to seek a solution for the plight of PDP. It is true those PDP 16 years in government as being fruitless and a bitter filled journey of bad governance, misappropriation of public funds, maladministration, corrupt practices as thrived, egoism, etc.

PDP lost not because of Jonathan but because of the seed Obasanjo and his cohort started sowing from 1999, it’s unfortunate that Jonathan is the one that as to pay for these deeds, the people showed their anger not because they are 100% sure of what Buhari or APC will do but PDP FAILED!

If by luck or divinity JAYKAY wins, let me say it is not PDP victory, it is the people still trying to send a message that “ABSOLUTE POWER BELONG TO THE PEOPLE” not JAGABAN,

It is now pertinent or a matter of urgency that if PDP will get close to the federal government house again, they must uproot godfatherism and embrace mentorship, they must uproot corrupt practices and uphold transparency and honesty, they must uproot greed and uphold sacrifice, they must uproot all weed and shaft with ill intentions in their party, close the door of the party on party fornicate who spoilt the party and will soon spoilt APC if they aren’t careful, let me say they will still come back but you must say NO. I know there are a lot of cross-carpeting of PDP members but I think one of the hardest decision PDP must take and will send a strong message to the people when they close their door to party fornicators, they destroy PDP, surely it is most like they do same to APC if only the APC goes to sleep. This is very important because in politics numbers matter, there are lot of many young people or folks like the writer who want to join politics and his still scouting for a party to join but hasn’t find may be then he can because for me the system, organizational structure, party policy, history, members conduct are some criteria for decision because if we don’t participate in politics either we like it or not politics and politicians decisions affect our lives directly or indirectly.

The battle is not lost, Nigeria is still in a process, 4 years is not enough to cleanse the disgust & damage that as being done by military, PDP, AD and so on.The likes of Bode George, Bucknor Akerele, Musiliu Obanikoro must stay clear of government but could only offer advice when necessary, they must not be caught stealing, fighting, embezzling anything on paper, if not the end as come.

In the next four years, the mandate for PDP is PRUNNING.

To JAYKAY, you are a lifeline and unfortunately the only lifeline, if you FAIL then PDP as land crash, you must uphold your values & life principle, you must remember you are a governor to ALL, APC, PDP AND ALL NOT A SECTION. You must remember that you were voted by the people and must keep to your promises to the people; you must direct LAGOS as if it was your multi-national company, if you spend this CAPITAL that will be given to you, you will get more, more as in another term, more as in CHANGE people’s heart to change their state governors to see if PDP has really CHANGED then perform you might capture the FG.

Let me remind you 150,000 unit house should not be contracted by politics, but competence and productivity. Reducing WAEC failure is checking for the cause of the failure and reduction in education standard, teachers training, continuous learning for the teachers, centralized refined and updated examination and curriculum, a standard marking scheme, making classes beautiful, paying teachers promptly and handsomely etc. PIPEBORNE water in different houses, continuity of light rail, road construction, kicking out NEPOTISM or FAVOURITISM uphold EQUALITY, I also think you should release power to the local government, give power to the local government, give them some amount of freedom but keep watch on them make sure they engage in taking care of their wards, primary school, their roads and primary health centers in other words give them some autonomy.

Build a team, a team that works, settle conflicts amicably don’t let them escalate to get on newspaper, include professionals on your team, minimize politician on your team but encourage politicians nominate competent professionals with integrity.

To the hard nut, you must reduce cost of governance to serve as an example to the FG public office holders like you must shed their salaries and allowances as a sacrifice for the people so we can have more money to spend to improve people’s life.

Form an inclusive government; get feedbacks from the people on your projects using different means let the people be involved in your decision making, bring the government back to the people.

BE YOURSELF, finally do not pretend, do not add negatives to your character, do not try to be like someone, please be yourself, do not tell power or your friends and political class advice give you advice that will pitch you against the people, you must take strong and risky decision remember you are the leader you see better than the people sometimes, convince them on your hard policy don’t force the policies on them. YOU ARE IN A GLASS HOUSE DON’T THROW STONES.