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This weather is cold, it is claimed that 60 tonnes of pure sachet hit the street of Nigeria every year and all this sachet can not decay instead they deface and make our street ugly, also block our water ways causing flood.

An encounter with one of the rich kidz I mentor that was born in US: his mum asked what do you think makes Nigeria unique, the 7 year old boy grinned and said “Nigeria is too dirty, pure water everywhere, people can eat just anywhere”

How about the sachet water you drank or about to drink, while not drop it in a trash can/waste bin near you or stock in your pocket till you get the next trash can.

Remember Nigeria is not just a place, it is the people and this people include you, If we will change Nigeria, it begins with you.

I am Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba
I Rep LAUK(Learn All U kan)
Team led


MArk Zuckerberg announce New Global web access

According to the leading global social media it has a lab researching on use of satellite, drones and solar power plane to provide web access.

“We have been working on how to beam internet from the sky” Mark Zuckerberg comment on the world leading social network.

That what our connectivity lab is focuses on remark by the facebook chief and co-founder.

The satellite will orbit round the earth and above the weather powered by the sun could be in the sky for months.

Facebook wants to try using laser to transmit data to satellite, planes and other places.
There are expert involve in this including NASA jet propulsion lab member and aerospace and communication technology professionals.



Vision is the power of foresight based on insight with the benefit of hindsight,Vision is projecting to see beyond present, Vision is receiving or emergence of an idea to solve a particular problem,there is a vision for a particular people, country,race,individual etc if that vision is not discover they will b miserable
5 things Vision will do for you:Give U a direction
Make you a Leader, Reveal your potential, makes you stand-out, Vision will Give U Female,Finance,Fame or Finance,Fame,Male
I rep LAUK, I am Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba I am a learner, are you a LEARNER?



Global alliance for youth leaders is a youth oriented organisation fostering youth participation, taking us beyond tokenism and making us involve in the evolution and paradigm shift of our various community for good.
GAYL believes if we empower the youth then we are bringing a lasting change into the future. For a long period, Africans have not been giving time to generational thinking but this platform will empower the current leaders of today and create the future leaders of tomorrow.
We know that skills and personality are very important to become a success, GAYL will provide a platform to acquire skills and develop human capacity to become an asset to our immediate community and the world at large.
It is at this stance, GAYL calls for aspiring, innovative, energetic youths and change advocate to register and be a part of this growing enterprise and community ready to take the bull-by-the-horn to make a paradigm shift.
All you need to join is log on and sign up to http://www.globalallianceforyouthleaders.org and register as a member. CHANGE IS AT YOUR DOOR STEP, REAL CHANGE.



Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL) was formed soon after finishing a leadership training organized by Commonwealth Youth program (CYP) in 2013 under the Discovering Young Leaders Program (DYLP). It comprises of grandaunts from the different classes that come from different countries in the commonwealth region to help spread the knowledge they had attained in their training as well as contributing to social, economic and political development.
Situation analysis
young people are increasingly acting as the agents of change in society, calling for institutions that are more responsive not only to their needs, but to national or global concerns, and providing the energy, creative ideas and determination to drive reform. However, youths in general are disproportionately affected by extreme poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, and lack of access to education. In addition, there are limited policy interventions which address youth issues. In a survey conducted by the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) during July and August 2012, 13,000 young people from 186 countries identified the following challenges that hinder their participation in development:

• Limited opportunities for effective participation in decision-making processes.
• Lack of participatory structures for young people at the community and national level.
• Lack of trust between youth and government institutions and political parties.
• Lack of capacity development for youth and youth organizations.
Lack of commitment and support toward young people
Lack of Mentors to relate with towards their areas of interest(Additional)

Further, The Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment 2007-2015, notes that “Over one billion youths between 2005 and 2015 will enter the labor force end yet there are no one billion jobs waiting for them. This statistics shows that there is need to be a clear relation between development planning and demography in policy a practice but also positive interventions planned like training, employment and education activities” for these youths.

As GAYL our vision lies on the positive interventions that would help youths in all countries mainly the majority of marginalized and powerless groups that are victims of challenges facing the youths. GAYL is committed to equipping youth, youth leaders, youth entrepreneurs and youth stakeholder with the skills, tools and support that they require to serve as change agent’s so that they can impact change projects in their countries, company and communities.



Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL) was formed soon after finishing a leadership training organised by Commonwealth Youth program (CYP) in 2013 under the Discovering Young Leaders Program (DYLP). It comprises of graduants from the different classes that come from different countries in the commonwealth region to help spread the knowledge they had attained in their training as well as contributing to social, economic and political development.

GAYL’s activities centers on governance and leadership and GAYL shall achieve the objectives through implementation of a set of activities towards realizing its goal. GAYL’s methodology and strategy shall center on Capacity development training programmes for youth, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, youth business owners, youth managers and employees. The areas of training will include personality and employability skill development, entrepreneurial skills and development, personal and organizational leadership, project management, youth decision and governance, succession and retirement planning for youth leaders and entrepreneurs, business ethics and talent management

And today we launch the official website of global alliance for youth leaders. You should pay a visit to the website http://www.globalallianceforyouthleaders.com register and share to your friend on facebook,twitter,skype, linked in etc.

This afford you the opportunity to become a pioneering member.



Queen B. Kgeresi (Botswana)
Ms. Kgeresi is an aspiring rehabilitation and health psychologist, she holds a B.A with psychology and sociology as a combined major from the University of Botswana. She has served as a job placement officer, where she promoted the employability of University of Botswana Students. She is a motivational speaker, mentor, a very determined, leadership oriented, and inspired young woman who believes in changes and wants to make a positive mark in the lives of young people in Botswana. Ms. Kgeresi has recently given the 2013 African Youth Achievers Award by AYA-net, she is also celebrated under National Achievement Awards as one of Botswana’s Top 20 under 30 Inspiring Youth and now Botswana’s Youth Ambassador. Ms Kgeresi has also been selected Among Africa’s Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders by Moremi Initiative- Women’s Leadership in Africa. Furthermore she has been awarded a certificate for completing the 2013 edition of the Commonwealth Youth Programme’ Discovering Young Leaders Programme. Young Leaders’ Organization selected Ms. Kgeresi as a young leader ambassador and she has also received recognition for her active engagement on girls and women in science, engineering & technology, gender based violence issues, activism on HIV/AIDS, and empowerment of young people through counseling, mentoring and leadership training. She draws inspiration from volunteering, mentoring and counseling as demonstrated through her numerous volunteer roles with organizations such as National AIDS Coordinating Agency, Forum For Evened- Out Control of HIV/AIDS, Face the Nation and Global Change makers. Ms. Kgeresi has worked as a peer counselor at the department of Careers and Counselling for 3 years, where she offered counselling on psycho-social and career related issues. She loves to put a smile on people’s faces, enjoys travelling, and reading.