I am the ocean
In a moment I am rushy
In a moment I am calm
I am the wind
In a moment I am turbulent
In a moment I am breezy
I am the market
In a moment I am choking
In a moment I forgot you came
I am the coin
In a moment I am the tail
In a moment I am the head
I am the ladder
In a moment I am up
In a moment I am down
I am the universe
In a moment I am dark
In a moment I am light
I am life
In a moment you are alive
In a moment you are dead
Be careful with me else
In a moment you could be forever
In a moment you could be forgotten
I am mysteriously mysterious
Because I am a moment


Tribute to Pius Adesanmi: Nigerians Vs Intellectualism

Yesterday 10th March was a dark day as the news of Prof Plus Adesanmi filter in. I still believe that Pius might have missed the flight but till his twitter handle come alive again this one of the most touching of his work;

Read what Pius Adesanmi wrote in 2015.

“Few Nigerians understand that our chaos, our urban rot and rural decay, our decrepit roads, hospitals, and Universities, our power failures and water shortages, and our fuel scarcity are collective consequences of our wanton embrace of the unthought and unreflected society.

Since we inherited this dilapidated contraption from the British, we have made not a single attempt to philosophize the Nigerian project through sustained critical thought. The price is always very heavy when a people develop a collective hostility to philosophy.

Dubai, London, Paris, and all the other destinations that Nigerians adore and desire are all outward manifestations of something called modernity. Democracy, law and order, urban planning and regulation are all features of modernity. Innovation and science and technology are equally features of modernity.

Nigerians see the end product but they have absolute contempt for the road which led the advanced world to the glittering modernity that they desire. They do not know that more than two hundred years of philosophy, writing, and critical thought went into the conceptualization of what they see and admire in the advanced world today. They do not know that modernity and its gloss exist today because a long line of thinkers in Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe produced philosophies which became the bedrock of what we see and call modernity today.

Google the period covered by the Renaissance and the Enlightenment for an idea of how many centuries of philosophy produced the cities you admire in Europe and America today.

Nigerians do not know that all the material things they acquire in order to be able to form ajebutter and boast that “I better pass my neighbour” are products of philosophy and critical thought.

They do not know that the cars they drive are products of philosophy before being products of science and technology. They do not know that the houses they acquire in Dubai, London, Paris, and Washington, DC, are products of philosophy before being products of architecture, science, and technology.

Because Nigerians are ignorant of these things, they frown on philosophy, intellectual labour, and critical thought. The slightest encounter with philosophy and critical thought in our lives is quickly dismissed as “dogon turenchi”.

Even supposedly educated Nigerians are quick to dismiss philosophy and critical thinking and writing. You hear them say impatiently that what we need now is action and not big grammar. I am sure that when this lecture goes public, there will not be a shortage of Nigerians to grumble that it is too long, too big on grammar. They will then beat their chests and proclaim loudly in readers’ comments area that they did not bother to read beyond the first paragraph. Those who are kind will advise the author that what we need now is action, not big grammar.

That is the predictable Nigerian attitude to philosophy and critical intellection. Our contempt for philosophy and critical intellection is why we build our houses everywhere and anyhow; why we drive our cars anywhere and anyhow; why we still invest billions in the open drainages we call gutters in the 21st century and call them ultramodern; why we invest in refurbished World War II locomotives in the 21st century and boast that we are sophisticated.

Everywhere you look, our national life is a sordid and tragic display of the absence of philosophy in our conceptualization of Nigerian society. When you declare war on philosophy, knowledge, and critical intellection, the consequence, simply put, is Nigeria as you and I know her today.

Nigeria can therefore be defined as the absence of and hostility to philosophy in the life of a nation.” – Pius Adesanmi, 2015.


What is Love?

What does love sound like?

Does it sound like Simba;

The Lion king?

What does love look like?

Does is it look like Cinderella;

The beauty Queen?

What does love smell like?

Does it smell like Rapunzel;

The witch long hair-stairs?

What does love feel like?

Does it feel like Aladdin; 

The magical lamp?

What does love speak like?

Does love speak like Brain and Pinky; 

The wise and the fool?

What does love act like?

Does it act like Tom and Jerry; 

The troublemakers?

Love is supersonic sound

Love is magnetic sight

Love is alluring

Love is awesome

Love is you

And I love you.


Nigeria will win 2

Are you still wondering why i am optimistic that Nigeria will win? Are you trying to compare our reality and the thought of victory? Do you think the New Nigeria is not achievable?

I tell you there is a New generation of leaders rising in the nuke and cranny of Nigeria. There is a light i see at the end of the tunnel. I see that this election in Nigeria is a bridge from the past to the future. After this election i tell you for free Nigeria will WIN! It will be a victory that the Universe will bring to the Niger area.

Let the bell jingle. Let the announcement be made and the horn blasted on the hill that Nigeria will win. It looks dark, it look unclear, it looks very unlikely, it may look confusing, Alas! I repeat Nigeria will WIN.

It may take more than the election, it may take more than ballot, it may take more a choice , it may not be visible in the first year but very soon it will be visible to all eye across the world that Nigeria will WIN!


Nigeria will win

I know you are wondering how will Nigerian election end? We are bordered with the question; Would Nigeria’s woe continue in the next 4 years? Would Nigeria make the right choice? Would Nigeria’s election end in violence and what will the effect be on both Nigeria and the international community?

I am optimist that Nigeria will win. Are you surprise? Yes, i mean whatever way it goes Nigeria will win. I am very Optimistic that if the election is rigged or not, Nigeria will win. The victory may not become evident immediately but this election i am optimistic that Nigeria will win. I am not afraid and i am not in doubt that this election will herald the beginning of a new dawn of Nigeria.

I am not seeing candidates but i see all work in favor of the populace. To the politician who may think that is a joke, it will be in your favor if you use your public office for good now else those 13.5 Million out of school children will soon be your security pain and close to them are the millions of unemployed youth who are already thinking about finding an alternative route. I will not continue with statistics that you know.

The only one thing i am sure of is that Nigeria will WIN. Get your PVC,
Go to the polling booth, Vote your conscience without collecting bride, stay and see your vote counted, Protect your vote and go home rest assured that Nigeria will WIN.



Black beauty

Pretty Damsel

Sway of the goddess

Heart pure with goodness

Beautifully Fearful and gracious

Heart felt cry, the wiping beauty Queen

Royalty incomprehensible

Streams of tears untold

Crystal of treasure unfold

You are weak yet stronger

You are a fighter

Passionate Fire in your soul

Her king’s pride

Viral touch

Spell casting smile

Come to thy king

Arms wide open

Hug so closely

Lips locked

Body clogged

Soul twined

Spirit welded

We are Forever.



I was given free of charge

The best things come free of charge

But i neglect the free of charge

Coz i was blind.

I did drop on you free of charge

Have all free of charge

Thought i did see

But i was too blind

Blind can’t see

Free things i like 

But in reality i hate

Love free

Breathe free

Opportunity free

Life free

But i was too blind to see

Free it come

And free it would be taken

And given to another free of charge

Next time i see free of charge

Don’t look but see

It is free of charge.