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When a child in Africa is growing one of the first lesson of life is thus: the kid see a fire burning either on a lamp, candle, stove etc. it is attracted to it and want to touch for the first time, the traditional African mother tells the kid to touch instead of telling it not to  because if she said it should not it might want to try it behind her, so she tells it to touch the fire when it touch the fire and get burnt, it start crying  that is one of the first lesson learnt as an African child.

Now the Irony is Nigeria has being burnt several times but still love being burnt, I really want to stress why Nigeria does not have a “candidate’’ in the coming election, I want to start with the ruling party, then I will proceed to the opposition party.

At Age 16 I had graduated from secondary school and passed school certificate exams and did not write twice, I believe at age 16 if you cannot point to a serious success in your life, you might be heading for mediocrity.

 PDP as being in change in Nigeria for sixteen years, corruption as thrived and enjoyed nurturing under the nose of this ruling party, the Haliburton scam, the Farouk Lawan subsidy scam, the Bayelsa governor scam, the Stella Uduah Car saga, Tinubu becoming rich by skimming and scamming of the APC states, the numerous carade of private jets, embezzling billions of Naira and a no serious show to stop this menace.

Eventually when Ribadu tried to do, the now holy stateman Obasanjo and his gang demoted him. This self-acclaimed holy man was the one who under his administration Nigeria was number two(2) on the world most corrupt countries list, the Man in whose time kidnapping prosper and became a phenomenon, the man that justify not constructing the Sango Otta road that leads to his farm, 15 billion naira Nigeria fund was spent on power without increase in power supply during his tenure as a president, the man in which unemployment index during his regime rose to 21% during his time banks closed up and staff retrenchment were burning issue, the man in whose time education became sandwich and failure rate began to increase, a farmer that never implement an agricultural program to help the farmers, the man in whose regime rigging of election flag was flying high that same man is the stateman of today, if you forgot I haven’t! NEVER!

PDP as a party as failed to be truthful, they have shown they lack no vision, they have shown they are a bunch of cowards and liars, they have shown to me that they are Pig swine, No matter how you clean a pig it will return to its dirt.

I live in Ogun state and I know how Gbenga Daniel refuse to construct some road because they did not vote for him and I heard from unconfirmed source that does roads where constructed on paper.

Goodluck came in he was thought to be a loyalist to this powerful people but first thing he did was to give Nigeria a free but unfair election, he improved on this by giving the tribunal a free hand and many APC governorship candidates started smiling but instead of appreciating the president they paid him with criticism because of the Nigerian “do or die politics” he thought to be fair to the opposition but was shown that the only politics that works in Nigeria is the DO OR DIE TACTICS he decided to remove Justice Ayoola.

 He refused to dance to the drums of Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo who paraded himself as a leader but could not lead his family, his dirty fight with his son on dailies then his daughter, WHAT A LEADER! it is time the international media and people be told that this people are not pure as the seams, they brought Nigeria to the point it is now, They escaped death but are not gracious to God for the second chance given, when the Abeokuta library fundraising was done all the business and political craftmen including the thieves gathered and raised fund for a library that the ordinary Nigerian cannot have access to and the international world thinks they have done us good please can anybody measure its impact on Nigeria education and research community but to me I see it as an architectural artifact in Abeokuta.

Now it is no more the opposition opposing Goodluck but also the people in his party who cannot at least stand his being a little fair to the other party but his being fair will not be a replayed because he tried the route and it did not result well so he will take the other path in the coming election which might be too late.

To the opposition party, they always kicked against Godfatherism, they said No to Godfatherism but they are also now trapped in it, in a party that an individual dictate to all delegates who to vote for in the primaries, is that democratic? I have always said a thief cannot catch a thief, let me categorically say this that APC is a den of thieves and I will like to refer to an article when APC was formed Pastor Tunde Bakare’s stated that APC was the new church of Satan, I am not surprise if all the so called thieve are migrating to APC, Jesus said if a new wine is put in an old bottle what will happen, you can answer in your mind. APC a new bottle, Amechi and co Old wine.

The Tinubu business, Oriental shareholding deal, the Jobifele hotel, the tax collector, the dictator, the oil mogul, Laspotech land transfer etc. I accept MR INTEGRITY as integrity but my concern is that his campaign buses run on the fuel supplied by thieves, to my knowledge the original land owners of Oriental hotel Certificate of Occupancy before Oriental was built was revoked by the power that be in Lagos, The Ketu Laspotech land that now house TVC / Radio Continental how did it happen? This is the CHANGE PARTY how is it that the Iyaloja is a family of his and has dues paid to her by market women, why is your wife a senator, Mr Jagaban? Why is lai-mohammed’s son running for a political position? Expensive nomination form as made political positions far from the masses, Shoprite Alausa Ikeja shady bidding, why did you ask your party senators to stalk the passage of the budget in 2014?

Now to the sad story of a young boy, during the reign of the Change Jagaban, my father was a pensioner before he died and one of the statement he offered on the roundhouse top when the pensioners matched to his office for delay in payment of their pension was “Eyin agbaya won yi e lomo le to le toju yin ni” meaning you this shameless elders don’t you have children that can care for you at home, a man who as no respect for the elderly shouting CHANGE and on one occasion a pensioner was shot by one of his police. It is unfortunate that this same people are the one making noise of CHANGE. If Lagos make 40 billion in IGR and has a visionary like the now governor who unfortunately is now denting his record because of politics, made to surrender under the knife of this people then I noted there is fire on the mountain, you know it that your wealth is not pure and cannot be put under the light of true and honest investigation.

To the smelling aroma of the soup, it was when two arch enemies who became friends, I smell something funny which may not in favour of Nigeria in their mind it is only a Divine intervention that can turn the table around, one now pay the other a visit because of POWER, that is why the English man says “power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely” in search of absolute power a more youthful Kwankwaso was dropped for a 73 years old man who is nearing his grave, I have a personal opinion that Nigeria’s problem is bigger than a 73 year old man, at 60 many are already struggling with the ailment that killed them.

Let me give you this gist that as at the second election Mr Fashola wasn’t sure if Mr Jagaban will give him the second term ticket so he had a meeting with some party to adopt him if he was not picked, this may not be authoritative but gotten from a reliable source. Can anyone tell how our senators spend their constituency allowance?

A new tactics of the APC government is to make a road construction that should have lasted for 1 or 2 years in 4 years, the Ogun state dilemma is one , I must commend the governor for his good works but because of this same power-that-be delay in delivery of projects as being a tactics, so the state spend more money to implement and execute the project the extra cost are funnel to some people and justified by this format and since the other party refuse to provide this infrastructure while they were there, the people are elated about the provision of this infrastructure not paying attention to the robbery going on beneath.

As Nigerians I will give you a candid advice that the day we start showing this people that we are the true Godfathers and that absolute power reside with the people things would not change, we must vote in this coming election for candidates not party, all this political parties are samesand out for their selfish reason and pocket.

Have you ever asked why your children who graduate need to get letter from a politician or join the ruling party in a state to get a job?

Have you ever asked why Lagos joined PDP states to stop local government autonomy?

Have you ever asked why their children are the next leaders in politics not your children but your children are the hooligan?

Have you ever asked why we do not have good education system but their children school abroad and come back to be the boss over your own children?

Have you ever asked why you have to appear on TV to solicit for fund to travel on a health tour and our health facilities decay?

Have you ever asked why recurrent expenditure in our budget stand at 75% and not even the APC senators as not raised the issue to cut the allowances and salaries of legislators and executives?

Have you ever asked why Nigeria imports petrol till date?

Have you ever thought it that APC=PDP





Yes we are close to an historic election, as we get closer politicians get nervous and desperate fear of the unknown come upon they, they fear wastage of time and resources on campaign in this vain turn to the use of the vulnerable to get their ambition achieved.

The two major parties are guilty of this as police as caught both party hoodlum and thugs after the postponing of the election with all sort of ammunition and charms, in respect of this i think it is important to talk to the youth, they are the main focus winning or losing it is the youth  that determine.

As travel agent as detail us that most politician have taken their immediate family out of the country in respect of an violence outburst, it is pertinent to tell my fell youth that we shouldn’t also the politicians to use us, if they come to us it is good we tell them that they have children, cousin, nephews they can try them out on the nice job they are about to give you to cause panic and trouble.

How much will you collect that will be enough to pay your school fees for the next four years, how will you collect that will be enough to pay your house or hostel rent for the next for years, how much will you collect that will buy you a comfortable future.

Ask yourself why did that man fly ids daughter, son and wife abroad for the election, why is that politician using a armoured vehicle and bought a bike for you to go and cause wahala.

Remember that Nigeria is what we are now because some people place money above future, Now are you ready to sell you future like Esau for a morsel of bread, if not so let say NO to VIOLENCE and YES to VOTE!!!!