Happy 60th birthday to Pastor Tunde Bakare, a man who is blunt, truthful and with integrity, he’s fearless and an activitist. Can I say after reading his talk on his birthday I am in love with him FOR THE PASSION OF OUR COUNTRY as EATEN BOTH OF US UP and the speech as SPARKED something INSIDE me you can also read it may be it can SPARK something in YOU this is the link: http://www.tundebakare.com/the-nigeria-of-my-dreams/



While still sipping from the refreshing and reassuring cup of God’s comfort over the death of a church member that passed away shortly after the delivery of a new born baby, another tragedy hits—world class!

Perhaps you have not heard, but Dr Myles Munroe, his wife,and 6 other people died in a plane crash just yesterday. Very sad.

The man, I must say, influenced my life in many ways, especially in radically transforming my relationship mentality by giving me a paradigm shift—by his message titled “The Myth of Singleness”.

The rather interesting thing is that he was supposed to be hosting a Global Leadership Forum starting today. (He was about landing in the city for the conference when the crash occurred). On his website, he uploaded a one-minute video advert which he recorded in his own voice, and the advert ended with these words: “…COME, I’LL SEE YOU THERE”.

Yes, the Leadership forum is still going to hold as I saw on his official facebook page minutes ago (because that’s what he would have wanted), BUT HE WON’T BE SEEN THERE.

I shared a picture nugget from a message I preached last Sunday in which I said “One of the most painful realities of God’s Sovereignty is that NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE PRAY, NOT EVERYONE WILL LIVE LONG!” How true!

But what do we do with death?

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE AFRAID OF IT. Pray all you can against it and transfer your fears to the next generation by letting your children watch you grieve hopelessly about the departed ones (and I can bet you, as long as Jesus tarries, that prayer will not be answered one last time).

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE REALITY. Live like there is no tomorrow.


How, you ask? I WROTE MY OWN OBITUARY…7 years ago! I came to a point where I MADE A DECISION!

•I made a decision that assured me that death will not be my end, but the beginning of my very best!
•I made a decision that assured me that heaven awaits!
•I made a decision that gave me the confidence that the angels that had been given charge to keep me in all my ways will never fail—at best, they will carry me to the waiting embrace of my dad…at the appointed time.
•I made a decision to make my death day, in fact, a birth date!
•I made a decision that got me sealed…with the assurance that Jesus is coming back for me—and He has got the keys of death and hades.

Have you made that decision? Dr Myles did. His countless works will outlive him! 69 books, and countless contributions to other printed works will outlive him. He made his life count!

Make your life count. Embrace Jesus!

“It’s IN CHRIST that you, once you HEARD the truth and BELIEVED it (this Message of your salvation), found yourselves HOME FREE—SIGNED, SEALED, and DELIVERED by the Holy Spirit…the first installment on what’s coming, a reminder that WE’LL GET EVERYTHING God has planned for us, a praising and glorious life.” (Ephesians 1:13-14 MSG)


Adieu, Dr Myles Munroe.

With love, a protégé



“For everytime there is a season”
And “it is not the years in your life that count but the life in your year”
Early morning yesterday when the news broke I was not sad and was not happy because paul said if I die it is gain if I do not die I am for christ”

Now Dr Myles Munroe as gone to be with God what lesson will you pick from his life:
Became born again in his early teens
Was singing gospel song all over the carribean in his teens
Was an evangelist that preached to over 5000 from his teens
Wrote 69 books
Lived for just short 60 years

But most importantly are:
He was born again.
He was purpose driven.
He was a word eater by my calculation he had read the bible over 30 time complete.
He is a voice that transcend borders.
He was an activist against LGBT.
He was so sure his marriage will never fail and it did not.
He was a transgenerational thinker.
He was a LEADER.

The moment Nigerians and africans start thinking transgenerational we will grow beyond imagination.

The truth struck this yesterday when I woke up I picked up my phone and was checking my twitter account I saw the breaking news of Dr Myles Munroe’s death this made me afraid that everyday we wake up we also get close to our grave tick says the clock tick tick what you have to do, do quick, i saw a man who saw beyond himself and saw me, you and all in the picture and endeavor to get the value and teach it to other my plea is the moment africans start thinking transgenerational positively we grow with a quantum leap.

My question is how many of us are ready to go the extra mile for your neighbour, how many of us is ready to acquire a skill for the sake of that man beside us, how many of us share the sorrow of that child who trek bear footed to school, how many of us ask ourselves why do we have to strive to get a formal education and still no employment.
Is this how our children, grandchildren, cousins niece and country men going to live when they are born. LET US ACT NOW
Ask yourself why should I cut corners, why should I take bribe, of what reason should I destroy my neighbor, of what purpose should I spoil government facility, of what purpose is my pursuit, is it for self gratification or people’s service.
I ASK FOR PARADIGM SHIFT FROM SELF-CENTERED THINKING to TRANSGENERATIONAL THINKING. Say this everyday when you wake up: The change I want to see in my country BEGINS WITH ME.
I am yours Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba, I AM A LEARNER, ARE YOU A LEARNER?