I am a keen lover of the female gender. It is great delight to have them around as I am the only male in my family since my father died. I am unapologetic about my support for the female gender. I will always support the aspiration of women’s goal and aspiration.

Women are not weaklings, they are not foolish, they don’t whine. They are wise, strong and pillar of the society. They hold an important office in the growth and development of a nation. They are the custodian of values and morals. Woman; a teacher and shaper of destiny. No real man will pride himself in physically assaulting a female. No real man will abuse a woman. A matured man protects, tend and care for the woman gender. The strength of Man is in using our strength to cover up for the woman’s weakness not showcasing it.

My deep concern is when a woman begins to see herself as less. When a woman wants to be equal to the status and stature of a man using the world equality? Are we in a competition? Didn’t the maker made us help meet (collaborators)? Why then the competition for equality when you are? You don’t fight to be what you are because you are?

Anybody who have to say you don’t know who I am before you know who they are was nobody- Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Why the tussle, struggle and hassle. You are a woman, celebrate your uniqueness and stop fighting with the male gender like he is a gladiator. Stop speaking for yourself alone and expecting a man to support, rather speak for the oppressed men, children and women on the street. We were created in different capacity, male and female he created them…Please dear Queen celebrate your womanhood with a deep seen of humanity. You can never be a man; no matter how you try God will never promote you to the position of a man and vice versa.

Many ideologies have destroyed the family and society. A society where women expect merit even when they don’t merit it. A world where women can misbehave without consequences but man cannot. A world where been rude to husband is seen as romantic.

Let’s turn to statistics: Do you know 1/3 male are sexually harassed by female worldwide at work place? Do you know globally there are more tendencies a boy is abuse without help than a girl? Do you know women are crueler to women than men? Do you know it is likely a female gets help or favor under same condition than a male? Do you 2 out of 5 persons that has gone through domestic violence is male?

Is this equality? I am an advocate of gender equity. I love women; I will never beat or physically abuse a woman. I will always accord the respect a woman is due to her. If I wrong a woman I will be humble enough to apologize sincerely and all this I have always done.

Women must begin to dignify themselves than mere talk. All ye feminist, when was the last time you stood up in a bus for a pregnant or nursing mother to sit? A man is expected to stand up right? Shake my head… I think all feminist should think humanity first before feminism. Women stop looking for sympathy rather seek empathy. You are not weak…infact after the bible had called you week vessels, it called you sons. What an upgrade!

I remember a celebrity feminist pulled up media stunt with Femi Anikulapo-Kuti’s children. If you are truly a feminist you must value children. If not feminist is rubbish. Feminism without a respect for your own body and nakedness is stupidity. I remember a feminist snatched her friend’s husband. Feminist that does not respect fellow feminist is waste of time. I know lots of feminist who are rude to the leadership of their husbands at home because they are equal. This is rebellion against God. Any feminist without respect for God’s command is foolishness.

I hope women’s selfishness, being self-centered, and arrogance are not been labeled FEMINISM. Killing INEQUALITY with another INEQUALITY IS FOOLISHNESS. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And God said come let us create MAN in our own IMAGE and likeness(Man is God’s image but can never be GOD)…Come let’s make him an help meet(WHY DO WOMEN WANT TO BE MEN?)…She shall be called Woman (WOMB-MAN not WOE-MAN) for out of me she was brought forth. Women you are beautiful, unique and whole, celebrate your uniqueness.