This morning quickly I want to discuss 3 tools to birth a new bud of leaders, this same tool as help so many organization and nation to raise generation of leaders. They are powerful tools that can turn a family, firm or country around. Come on board, sit, and relax as I take you through a journey of 150km/hr.

One evening, my late father told me to look at the life style of the plantain, that before it is harvested, nature already made provision for another bud of it to continue the generation, my late father concluded by saying”There is no success without a successor and to multiply success you must raise many replica of yourself” Success is about LEARN, ACT, TEACH AND RELEARN.

Leading is about showing people a specific direction to a preferable future, how then can a lost man show the road to a lost man, to get to this future we need to get knowledge through EDUCATION, skill through EMPOWERMENT, build strong value system or character through MENTORING.


EDUCATION: The day you stop learning, you start dying-Anonymous and Education is the most important tool to secure our nation and our future-Barack Obama

The reality of a nation is proportional to the capacity of knowledge of it citizens, any nation who would come out of mediocrity to relevance must put education first, I have said it we must grow the capacity of our citizens to what we will be in need of in future, educating the mind of a protégé enlighten his/her mind, it is a blank cheque whatever you write on it is what it will cash out. We must feed the heart and mind of our protégé with audio, video, and books that will inspire them to aspire for success.

MENTORING: People learn better from what we do than what we say. Many leaders find this challenging because they are full of rot, their character are not worth writing about, there are many do as I say and not do as I do leaders, we must ACT what we SAY, Stephen R Covey said Our life is like an Iceberg in the sea, the larger part in the water that no one can see is the character/habit which most people do not pay attention to but the small part which people applaud is the technique/skill which everyone want to have. I have learnt that what will help you gain momentum fast, and help your protégé quickly become who you want them to be is first being what you want them to be.

Finally, Charles R Swindoll said “My attitude it is more important than my education, finances, my achievement…” Mentoring is not for ready-made people, it is for crude, useless, irresponsible failures, so if you call yourself a mentor be careful because when I meet a mentor he/she must be able to tell me about the foolishness and madness of his/her protégé, it is not a 6 month thing, it is a relationship that can last up to 3 year because it is holistic.

EMPOWERMENT: This must come last but it is unfortunate than many want power first before education or mentoring, we want money, capital, but I will never stop anyone who want skill as a route to money, we must engage in skill acquisition, Protégé must be committed to learn a trade, a skill or do a business, communication skill, ethics, computer skill, managerial skill, etc are essential to thrive in the our world where unemployment is the other of the day. Mentors must ensure that apart from their protégé going to school they must also acquire practical skill.

ILLUSRATION: to raise a bud or plant you need SUN(MENTORING) to give CHLOROPHYLL(CHARACTER) this make the plant green(FRUITFUL), you need the SOIL(EDUCATION/INFORMATION) to hold and supply micro and macro nutrient(KNOWLEDGE) to the plant, you also need WATER(EMPOWERMENT) to sustain the plant for survival(MONEY AND SKILL)

Who can plant without soil, sun or water. Our protégés are the seed while the mentors are the husbandry man whatever we want them to be we must be ready to pay the price.













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Hello friends it’s being along journey through the corners, rough edges, and hills of our democracy in Nigeria. Let me give us kudos for conduct of the successful election even if there was gray areas but we lightened our future up by standing together to defend our nation Nigeria by casting our vote and showing that we are resilient and brave.

After independent Sir Tafawa Balewa visited the United States of America and it was an heroic welcome as Nigeria was seen as the next economic super power, it was a birth of the next giant of the world born, the U.S quickly sealed a bilateral relation with this newly born baby with full potential and dream to lead Africa to its long awaited destiny.

Unfortunately, this country Nigeria as not fulfill this potential after 50 years, it as being tossed up and down by the wind and storm from its colonial master, ravaged by neo-colonialism, beaten by it powerful rich men and looted by its own political houses.

Zooming in on our journey, Tribalism and ethnicity was our first problem the thirst for leadership by different ethnic and tribe, the Yoruba wanted to lead the nation through the visionary AWO, the Igbo wanted to rule the nation as the rich power of the time, the Hausas also where ready to lead as they were more loyal to the colonial masters. This was the beginning of the end, brothers saw themselves as enemies, planning, plotting and implementing the downfall of one another, not knowing that as their brother falls it was also the downfall of everyone.

In short distance, Corruption crawled in, as the military took over and were not good administrators, they planned coup with the heart of patriotism to save their country but lack the character or know-how to lead a nation to the next level, leading a nation goes beyond decrees or authority, it transcend into visionary leadership, leakages were created people began to see that you could steal from the nation and go free without begin caught even with the most wicked military officer, total darkness was the lot of Nigerians.

At this point, we have taken a wonderful step in a different direction, if we leverage on the visit of President Buhari’s visit to the U.S, it could translate into achieving the potential of our nation. I learnt from Stephen R covey that the first to do first are important but not urgent thing and important but urgent.

Now using these classifications, important and urgent things to do is; SECURITY AND POWER. This two things are very urgent and important, security issue should be the first on the list of our president, securing our territory and finance from corrupt practices, recovering all past loot by all regardless of who they and prosecuting them legally before the court of law for justice. Over 400 trillion dollars is estimated to be stolen from 1999-2013, this must be recovered, the Chibok girls case must be sorted once and for all dead or alive, please Mr president do not make promises that you cannot fulfill it is dangerous as the ground is slippery. Provision of constant power supply for SME’s to survive better must be look into as Nigeria as 13 million SME’s, we must create the enabling environment for this young businesses to grow, every business must have equal chances to survive no matter your status or class. I expect our president to lure power generating firm to do business from U.S to Nigeria.

To the Important but not urgent, this are things to be down and can help build a long lasting and sustainable nation, this are what will help remove the scale of ignorance from nations and invest in our future; EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT,ROAD, HOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, and HEALTH FACILITY. This may not be urgent but they are important, if i begin to analyse the importance of each of the things mentioned above, we may not end this in 10 write-ups but to me this are what our president should be discussing with the U.S. sharing knowledge on how to raise a new genre of generation of Nigeria through over hauling of our educational system from primary to tertiary. Using cheap and cost effective techniques to build our roads network,  how to provide over 6 million deficit of houses in the shortest time, learning system organization where the removal of government from office those not mean the end of a project, where project can run with or without government, a system that works independent of the presidency, how to decentralize power and achieve maximum from government in the shortest time, I will like to see exchange of personnel between U.S and my country learn the nitty gritty of administration in U.S and training facilitation to build the capacity of government official, learning how the judiciary system work in the U.S without interference from the presidency or any executive officer. All this and many more are what I expect from my president to take advantage of, I don’t expect immediate gratification that wouldn’t last but a tapping of knowledge and information to change the course of public administration in all aspect of the nation.






On Thursday, 16th, 2015 at the graduation of Agidingbi high school, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, there was over 500 sstudents and their teacher gathered in the school hall as they round up the session, it was a time of reflection as a school, as some were graduating, others were promoted and other had failed and have to repeat their classes. This informed the school choice of THEME: WHAT NEXT?


This is a question that every productive person should ask everyday, the speaker who is the finance secretary of Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL) motivated the students to find direction for their life as life will only offer them what they ask from life, he asked them to work hard and we don’t fail until we accept failure and not accept to re-launch, he encourage them to paint a picture(VISION) of who they want to be, create short and long term goal for their lives.
He concluded with the habits of successful people which included: determination, risk-takers, learners, responsible, good association, grateful, etc. He told them how he lost direction and focus after the death of his father and how his life turn around once he committed himself to serving other people as community organizer. @toebheey @youngprotegela fb: Toby michael akinnike



Hello my brother and sister, I want to say Karibu and Akwuaba, as my Kenyan and Ghanaian friends will say, this morning I will be talking briefly on music, this might be a little different from what you have read in recent time from this space but I will like you and I to take a critical look at it.


I decided not to listen to hip-hop genres of music sometimes back as you become what you see and listen to, but as I went through my routine this morning, I was roaming through my TV and got to a music channel and was amazed at what I saw, let me take you through in a brief moment.

The amount of QUALITY that I saw was really impressive, our video and sound quality as gone beyond passion to professionalism as John Maxwell will say TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH. I saw an industry ready to cash in for the continent, if the government will provide the necessary environment, I began to think if I was the president what I would have done, with abundant of talents, I would have supported this industry with massive funding, create a Nollyhood or so village, help crush piracy through stiff punishment for pirates, put necessary tools in place for copyright like provide public owned massive studio and equipment for this talented stars and budding ones at a subsidized rate to drive done cost of production, work on power supply stability immediately, and help market their products abroad through our embassies and media(offline and online) platforms, this will rake in billions of dollar into our economy.  I must salute the sagacity of these talented young professionals.

The Originality especially from two performance hold me down with our local dialects from flavor and Adewale gold with a couple of pidgin English from some art, I want to watch Africa in Africa not America in Africa when I travel I should do that and who says we cannot influence the white men without special and melodious African style of music, I am tired of Copy cart, all this nude, sagging and tattoos is not our own, let sell our content. I look forward to selling our morals and values through music. Values like marriage between opposite sex, respect, courtesy, style, arts etc. We will become the first and the best if we do what we know how to do in African way in an exceptional or uncommon way. I don’t want to be afraid leaving the living room for my unborn kids to watch TV and come back in a few minutes only to know that my kids have just learnt a strange ungodly character or language from just one music.


And I must comment on the fusion of highlife and hip-hop to make songs danceable and enjoyable for the African man, this is truly the African spirit, I want to land in all our airport and tunes that welcome me is the African hip-hop fused with the highlife soul, this will make our airport, restaurant, bars and leisure sport more cool and African, the faster we do this, the better we narrow the diversity among us and arrive at brotherhood, we must learn to wear our own fabrics in our music videos, we must stop preaching money but making money in a legal way, we must stop preaching sex but preach love in a decent and moral way, we must not encourage crime, drug and violence but unity, peace and tranquility, we must preach success through telling our stories to motivate people, telling the truth on how we did the wrong things but didn’t make it, this will motivate youths to do legal businesses, I can go on and on but I must say BRAVO for what I say today.

Now to the government of the day, this is a way to grow our economy because there is high demand for our local entertainment content, government must do something fast because doing something will create jobs for youths apart from being an actor or music there is the camera man, lighting man, driver, audio man, script writer, editor, graphics designer, costumier, make-up artist, etc. I can say this industry can employ up to 1 million Nigerian youth in a space of 1 year, it is time to look inward, we can solve our own problem ourselves, I look forward to the day when our movies and music will be what TV station abroad will be playing, it will be profiting that our movies take centre stage at the English, USA, Canadian, German Cinemas, it would be wonderful that we sell the personality of this guys that after which they have help sold out local fabrics and design that Nike, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana and likes cannot ignore them but also use their personality to sell their products, do you know what that means? Owh! I must end by saying, we just need a VISIONEER and LOOK INWARD.

Can the entertainment industry be the tool to change Nigeria’s (Africa’s) economy? I leave the answer to you.