As a young Christian, you have heard  the sermon of Joseph(the prime minister) and Mary(the mother of Jesus), how they remained chaste and God blessed them in return. You also want God’s blessing, so you decided you were going to live a chaste life like they did.

Good, the journey started as a child but the real battle started as a teenager, your body started calling for what you cannot give it. It is hungry like your stomach, it desires food and its food is SEX. Can anyone in the bid to fill hunger, eat poison. Having sex outside marriage is poison! When we eat and get satisfied, does that eliminate hunger in future, NO! Alas! Having sex is the step to having another sex.

My journey thus far was inspired by my mother and my religious background. I had friends who were all sexually active. I aided them in getting their victim but refused to act like them. I knew all the technique but was not interested in defiling myself. Yes I did not, but I am guilty of accomplice. Ask my friend, will you marry any of the girls you had sex with? The answer is a blatant NO! Hey Sis and Bro, Sex will not make him/her love you more, it is a big lie.

For me, it has been rough, I do not even know how I stumbled to be here still standing. Not that I have never tried to but I have always wanted a future so different and outstanding.

I eventually found someone I love deeply after God’s leading. When i say God’s leading, i know what i am saying. She is cute, loving, caring, intelligent and cynosure of all eye.  She is a Christian, tongue speaking, holy ghost filled but we put ourselves in a very tight situation, we did everything that precede sex but did not have sex.  Mind you, everything that precedes sex is SIN, if you are not married. Why are you pouring fuel in the engine you do not want to start. Rather than our love to get stronger, today we are way apart. That is what SIN and premarital sex can do to even people who genuinely love each other. I have always thought I will get stronger as I get older. That is not the case; rather the temptation is more frequent and harder. It has become tougher and daunting.

I honestly regret every action behind those close doors, I am not proud of it, but grace kept me standing. Hey, you justify that kissing, smooching, fingering is no SEX, you are a bloody liar. Every activity that leads to sex is sex. I repeat, why are you pouring fuel in the engine you do not have intent to start?

God’s love is unchanging, he desire we present our body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to him…which is our only reasonable service. The result of my action was guilt, depression, sadness, fear and most of all a separation from my love.

Dear, why are you drinking poison every day in the form of premarital sex? Why are you killing yourself and saying it is enjoyment. Premarital sex kills.


I have renewed my vow and now taking it again. In between 3-5 years, I will get married, I will walk down the aisle with my Queen, I will wait patiently for her. She is priceless, her worth more than rubies, the glory of her husband, the keeper of her home, she overcome her enemies at the city gate, the explanation of God’s beauty. The road has not been easy but I am willing by God’s grace to cross the finish line.

If you have messed up, he loves you, if you have not yet messed up but you are not born again, please give your life to                 Jesus as your Lord and savior.    Jesus loves you so much.




You can’t wait for sex, why can’t? Is there really nothing bad about sex? What is the craze for sex about? Is premarital sex worth it? Why should I wait?

I know sex is a very controversial subject across the world, yet it is what we should not shy away from. I am not speaking as a perfect being, but as a colleague in the struggle. I sometimes are overwhelmed by my emotions and urge. I am not only a writer here but also affected person. I am not trying to judge anyone here but share the truth.

I wonder why there is a lunch of missile against our sexuality. Why do the world see whoever want to stand right as an outcast, weird or abnormal. When did we lose it, where did evil become good, wicked become kind and abnormal become normal.

Why have sex before marriage become norm? when you risk physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual hazard. Why are you playing with the serpent and expecting no sting. Why do you want to be thrown into the den of scorpions without been bitten.  Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS and STIs are on the menu list of premarital sex. Unwanted pregnancy is a part of the meal served on the table of premarital sex. Why do you want to shake hands with stress and depression; the number one killer, it is killing more people then HIV/AIDs now.  What is the distinction between man and animal when we behave like animals, we want to have sex uncontrollable like animals, and we even make comparison of ourselves with animals in the case of homosexuality and lesbianism? If science proves animal does, sorry I am not an animal; I am made in God’s image. Our being is different.  Whenever the world throws us into the bracket of making wrong choice a norm, then the world has automatically withdrawn the right to choose from us.

Sex is not bad in itself. It is good when it is within the marriage confine. This past year I had the most stressful and depressed year because of losing guard on my sex/purity life. Only GRACE sustained me and my partner. We give glory to God.

Many times, sexually active teenagers or young adults are stressed, depressed, addicted, and vulnerable to violence and crime. Why do you want to take this big risk? When you can wait a little and enjoy sex legally.

The number 1 cause of stress is relationship. Ask the married man or woman, who is married and it is not working, it is always a long sad story of love and heart break.

Why is the media, print, visual and adverts targeted at arousing our emotions through sexuality? It is high time we as young men and women take charge of our sexuality and offer it has a sacrifice to God. We have to and must say NO TO SEX UNTILL MARRIAGE. We must say yes to purity. Standing in gap like Joseph, Daniel, Mary, Esther, Timothy and others pays.

I am not in the capacity to boast, it is God’s grace that has kept this writer for 26 years counting. I have not regretted my decision one day; it has been a long journey, the more I go the steeper it is. I surely know he has my future in his hand and he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I(You) ask or think.

Dare to be different, and stand for purity. You may have messed up, you can be clean by the blood on the Calvary, if only you look, confess, forsake and live. You can be made whole again and made spotless.

To you who is still standing, beware!!! Least you fall. The race is not for the swift, neither for the strong…

Beware! Sex is a covenant, it is powerful, it is a seal, it is a vow, it is an exchange, it is a commitment and it is God’s gift.

Save yourself from the physical and spiritual stress, say NO TO SEX UNTILL MARRIAGE.FB_IMG_1465820586313.jpg