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Amare is a high tidal stream,
Amare is a calm flowing spring,
Amare is perfect pasture green,
Amare is charming lush.

I feel Amour,
My heart skip Amour,
I did thought it was the end of Amour,
Lo! It was just the beginning,
The beginning of sweetest Amour.

Uthando you knocked, I opened,
Uthando let’s go to paradise,
Let’s show the world unconditional uthando,
I feel Uthando.

Omidan you need spirituality not religion,
Omidan you need beauty not Beautification,
Omidan you need wisdom not chicanery,
Omidan standout, don’t tag along,
Omidan seek to be different not difficult,
Omidan be MAD but not insane.

I am in love with Amare,
Her hand invincibly cold,
Her smile so peaceably alluring,
Her legs deeply rooted like camba,
Her hips sway in admiralty of giants,
She sway like the beach side hoisted flag,
Intelligence at her peak,
Omoluabi to the core,
I love you Amare.

Amour so special
Uthando all I got
Omidan I care
I love you Amare


Did God really say don’t have SEX?

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June 9th is world virginity day, yay! This year before I start sharing my 365 experiences with you lets talk about God’s plan for us pertaining SEX.
This is a question many of us has asked a particular time of our life. Did God really say don’t have SEX? If he did not want us to have sex why did he create the thirst for sex in us as humans? If I have sex what would happen? Those who say don’t have sex didn’t they have sex while they were younger? Will God leave all the problems in life and now be so concerned with having sex?
Now 1Cor 7:2-6 spoke about this issues, please if you have a bible read MSG and AMP version. In the beginning God created man in his own image and likeness. He wanted man to have fellowship with him, he wanted man to be like himself but he found a flaw to this his creation. This flaw was man being alone not lonely(another talk for another day), man had the vertical relationship but did not have the horizontal relationship like other animals who were created in twos. God created a help meet for man for the purpose of COMPANIONSHIP. Companionship another word for fellowship . It is in this institution that God ordained marriage. God never said don’t have sex but have it in the confines of marriage. God never said if you have sex you will have disease but STIs are consequences of SEX. God never said if you have sex you will die but if you have sex outside of marriage your spirit man is dead.
When you are hungry can you eat just anything including faeces or garbage? If not then God has given you a special place in his heart to as a Royal priesthood, holy nation to do things that are honourable. You are not an animal but God’s image. Ye are god’s.
If you have made a mistake God does not hate you. Don’t let anyone make you look filthy. God loves you and wants you. He gave himself for you and nothing will make him hate you. God does not hate you but the sinful act you engage in.
Finally are you lost, do you know you are battling with guilt, are you unsure of your eternity, are you seeking a way out of your addiction, are you tired of your current situation, do you seek peace for your soul? Now is the time, Let pray with sincerity of heart confessing and forsaking our iniquity, ask Jesus to come into your life and be your personal Lord and Saviour. Am glad you are a part of a big family of God today. I love you. Feel free to comment below.
Up next: my STELLAR experience