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Amare is a high tidal stream,
Amare is a calm flowing spring,
Amare is perfect pasture green,
Amare is charming lush.

I feel Amour,
My heart skip Amour,
I did thought it was the end of Amour,
Lo! It was just the beginning,
The beginning of sweetest Amour.

Uthando you knocked, I opened,
Uthando let’s go to paradise,
Let’s show the world unconditional uthando,
I feel Uthando.

Omidan you need spirituality not religion,
Omidan you need beauty not Beautification,
Omidan you need wisdom not chicanery,
Omidan standout, don’t tag along,
Omidan seek to be different not difficult,
Omidan be MAD but not insane.

I am in love with Amare,
Her hand invincibly cold,
Her smile so peaceably alluring,
Her legs deeply rooted like camba,
Her hips sway in admiralty of giants,
She sway like the beach side hoisted flag,
Intelligence at her peak,
Omoluabi to the core,
I love you Amare.

Amour so special
Uthando all I got
Omidan I care
I love you Amare


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