In recent days event has been unfolding in the Lagos arm of APC. It is sad that things turned this way because Ambode was a very loyal politician to the kingmaker. He won the 2015 election despite stiff opposition from other candidates in the party at the party primary election. All members forgot the primary election and worked hard to win the governorship election which they achieved.

Fast forward into Ambode’s reign, the saying that absolute power corrupt absolutely came to play. Ambode started fighting his perceived kingmaker’s enemies by canceling and crashing all project that were started by Fashola and Dr Muiz Banire. Many times this two people have stated that they have no grudges against the kingmaker and he remain their Leader. I gathered that if you had a project and you mistakenly have the latter of the two names on it the proposal either good or bad is made for the trash bin in Alausa.

The governor embarked on crashing or reawarding all projects initiated by the two gentle men; Fashola and Banire. Starting with the Kick Against Indiscipline(KAI) , re-awarded the BRT operator contract, Garden beautification and the two biggest nail on his sore was the PSP removal and Land Use Charge policy. Those two were projects that affected the people and the greassroot politicians directly. This saw an outburst of people against the government which led to demonstration.

The PSP had a lot of grassroot politicians and ordinary people as operator who have employed not less than 5 people each. Ambode brought in a faceless Visionscape who had no experience of removing gabbage on the street of lagos, in few weeks the whole Lagos was filled with refuse and the drainage was a mess. Flood came threaten Lagos residence especially on the Island where must influential Lagosians live in Lagos.

Then came the Land use charge policy that saw many Lagosians receive a memo from the government of paying over 200% increase in the normal payment they had always paid all in the name of raising Internal Generated Revenue(IGR) to complete and implement many landmark projects. By the side, the wife of Ambode alledgely sack the cleric in charge of the chapel of Christ the light , the government official chapel for christians because the cleric did not anoint her first on a Sunday. The Cleric was sent packing in 24 hours without notice.

Ambode in the bid to punish the enemies of his godfather indirectly gave a low jab to him. Today as we speak it is still uncertain if he will be considered for the Lagos governorship ticket of APC but in politics 24 hours is too long a time. Anything can happen. Nothing is impossible in politics.


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